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    1,500 points ultramarines help needed.

    Okay i have recently been running mech lists at this point level but party because of dark eldar and also for some variety i wanted to try something different. I want to include Calgar as he is really well painted but i don't know exacly how to use him. Anyway i have got as far as this

    Calgar =265

    tactical marines x10 =245
    serg w combi-melta and powerfist
    drop pod

    Assault terms x 10 =400
    TH/SS x8
    LC x2


    So with this calgar would pod down with the tactical marines with the terms using the teleport homer to get down easily. I can easily scrap this list if you have any good ideas.

    But i was thinking of some support such as 4 ML devastator squad or a thunderfirecannon as those will be good against dark eldar. I could then get a unit of scouts with camo cloaks for objective holding and another tactical squad poding down.

    Any help would be really good. I have most things in the codex but can buy new things if needed. Thanks in advance.

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    Calgar is a bit, err, big for 1500pt. You just can't make the most of his madskillz with that few units. 2.5k+ yes, but you'll find him underwhelming in a small army. Plus with 400pt Deep Striking and coming in on a random turn, your poor tactical squads will be squished.

    Forget the DS, add a Land Raider (one of capacity 16 types, I forget which is which) and drop three terminators - then you can fit Calgar + AssTerminators in the LR.

    Oh, and you need 2 troop choices, currently you only have 1.
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