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    Traditional Steel Legion 1500 points, semi competative.

    I will be entering a small tournement at my local gaming club, 5 games who ever has the most won games, wins. I will be playing against Orks, Eldar, IG, choas and tau

    The IG player runs a huge infantry army, he use rougly 125 infantry and 2 Vanquisher, 1 Excutioner

    Orks also take huge amounts of infantry, but has almost no heavy tanks and relys on power claws, has something like 120 boys, 5 trukks/buggys one looted tank and mechboy with snotling gun.

    Eldar take many many pathfinders, with 3 falcons and swooping hawks and scorpions
    Choas takes a mixed force of about 40 marines, 10 termies, 3 tanks, maybe raptors
    Tau uses 2 hammerheads, 30-40 FW, 8 battle suits, 8 stealth suits.

    I wanted to go a tank heavy army, as most of opponents use very little armour. So I decided to use my classic steel legion army!

    80 CCS: 2x plasma.
    55 Chimera: Hull heavy flamer, Multi-laser.

    175 Stormtroopers: 10 stormtroops with Flamer, Grenade Launcher, Airborne Assault.

    115 Veteran squad: 3x Plasma guns.
    55 Chimera: Hull heavy flamer, Multilaser.

    45 PCS: Auto cannon, Grenade Launcher.
    55 Chimera: Hull heavy flamer, Multi laser

    100 Squad A: Auto cannon, Grenade launcher, Commisar with Power Weapon.
    55 Chimera: Hull Heavy Bolter, Multi laser.

    100 Squad B: Auto cannon, Grenade launcher, Commisar with Power Weapon
    55 Chimera: Hull heavy bolter, multi laser.

    Heavy support
    300 Leman Russ Squadron: 2x Leman russ with battle cannons.
    165 Demolisher: demolisher cannon.
    125 Basilisk: Earthshaker Cannon.

    Tactics are to use stormies to DS near important enemy shooters/commanders eg Farseer, CCS, Snotling gun mech boy etc.

    Platoon either holds my objective with the basilisk, or in a pinch can mount up and support offensive units.

    Tanks are the main offensive unit, Lumbering behamoth forward and shot battle cannons. Demolisher is there to soak up fire and to crack any really tough nuts, eg hammer heads, predators, terminators etc.

    Veterans, CCS, stormtroopers, support tanks. use plasma to defend tanks against any deepstriking termies or crisis suits.They dont need much antitank as my opponants dont field much, they rely on unit spam.

    Btw the power weapons on the commisars are there to take up spare points, also ive had my men in combat enough times without a PW to truely miss them, they are really handy!!!

    Please give me feedback, changes will be welcome, but please bear in mind im aiming for a tradition steel legion list so no flyers please!!! ( I know its silly but meh)

    "Giving a battle speech to a platoon of imperial guardsmen, and ordered them to fix bayonets, and charge a squad of genestealers. If they believed in the Emperor, they could do it. I don't think they believed enough"

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    HQ: Great, more plasma guns? They are BS4 afterall.

    Elites: Poor. Against mobs the flamer won't do enough and against armoured infantry you are already paying a fortune per model for the AP3 shooting so why put worse weapons on them? Drop the lot as you cannot afford 175 point suicide units.

    Troops: Vets are great but I would get melta vets before plasma vets. Or put meltas in the CCS and plasmas on the veteran squad. Platoon is ok. PCS is a great place for 4 flamers. Drop the commisars entirely and never get out of the chimeras.

    Heavy: Standard russ are good. Vanilla demolishers too but adding hull lascannon can be useful giving them a more effective tank hunter role while still good at shredding MEQs and termies. Basilisk is weak and the minimum range is rather long for indirect fire beyond turn 2. How about 2 griffons or upgrade to another basic russ or a hellhound. With the points from stormtroopers and commisars you can easily afford another 2 russ tanks such as basic russ with HB + 2 Plasma cannon for static fire support.
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