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    1450pts Campaign Game Raven Guard vs Crimson Fists

    Hi All,

    I have two games coming up against a Crimson Fist player who fields along this list:

    5 Scout Bikes
    5 Shotgun Scouts with PF and LSS
    5 Sniper Scouts with Tellion
    2 10man Units of Sternguard. Mainly standard with odd melta gun. 1 in drop pod, 1 in rhino

    This is the list i was going to field against him (taking into account the fluffy idea of Raven Guard ASD). I only have 1450 pts due to him basing issues (can't base a whole army in a day, due to my job)

    Shrike 195

    Korvydae (forge) 155

    Scouts - 100
    5man Snipers with Camo and HB

    Tactical Squad - 240
    10man PF, Meltagun, ML and Drop Pod

    Assault Squad - 245
    10man, 2 x Plasma Pistol, PF

    Assault Squad - 225
    10man, PF, 1 x Flamer

    Dread - 145
    Lascannon, ML

    Dread - 140
    MM,HB, Drop Pod.

    Idea is Dread with Lascannon sets up to pop vindicator or land speeder storm, Assault squad with flamer goes with Shrike to go and slaughter scouts, Assault Squad with Korvydae and plasma pistol go hunting the rhino with sternguard. Tactical Squad will drop in where needed for objective game or for where most kill points. Could be combat squaded if needed.

    This list is designed to be fluffy as a Raven Guard player and to beat on most game and deployment types, annihilate i have 10 kill points, he has about the same. Objectives based games I have four troop choices (Korvydae makes Assault Squads Troop Choices) but not alot against mech army, with exception of PFs everywhere possible.

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    I think I would drop shrike. You don't seem to be using fleet very much. Your assault squads are tooled up with flamers and plasma pistols so there will be little fleeting there and the rest of the army won't fleet much eiter. Use his points for some TH/SS termies or another assault squad and get your combat tactics back.

    Elites: Your fire suport dread is better replaced by a AC/2LC pred with better armour and an extra gun. Give the drop pod dread MM+HF.

    If you like Shrike then take 9 scouts with BP/ccw and a shotgun/PF. These infiltrate, scout, move, fleet and charge on turn one. Take 2 units like these. A sincle Tac squad on foot with long range lascannon/plasmagun can combat squad and hold objectives. Assault squads with Korvydae are great but drop the special weapons. Shrike can join one of these units to infiltrate them and get another turn 1 charge.
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