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    Senior Member Mad Cat's Avatar
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    Space Wolf 1000 points

    I have been asked to design a Space Wolf army for a freind's son who is wanting to get into the hobby. I tried to keep it cheap in cash terms so based it around the £50 batleforce and a pack of termies.

    HQ: Rune priest, 100
    Wolfguard terminator PW + Combiplasma
    Wolfguard terminator Claw + Combiplasma
    Wolfguard terminator PW + Combiplasma
    Wolfguard terminator PF + SS
    Wolfguard Combimelta
    drop pod
    Wolfguard termy, cyclone (goes with Troop1)

    Elites: 5 Scouts, Meltagun, 85
    Troops: 10 grey hunters, 2 plasma, 160
    Troops: 10 grey hunters, 2 melta, PF, rhino, 215
    Heavy: Vindicator, siege shield, 125

    The psyker takes jaws of the wolf and another power (suggestions?) and travels in the drop pod with 4 termies and 1 power armoured wolfguard. The 5th termie with the cyclone can footslog with the plasma armed grey hunters and shoot MEQs or light vehicles.

    Total 998

    For an expansion to 1500 I was thinking of

    Troops: 10 grey hunters, 2 melta, PF, 180
    Fast: Land Speeder, MM+HF,70
    Heavy: Land Raider, 250

    The HQ+termies now go in the land raider and the third grey hunter squad occupy the drop pod.

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    I AM the Evil Twin! Jared van Kell's Avatar
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    I would keep the terminators together and have the cyclone missile launcher in the drop pod. This way you can drop pod into a position that allows you to get at side and rear armour values.

    I would also drop the combi melta and give him a power weapon instead. Stick him and the Rune Priest in the first Grey Hunter squad and you have a unit that can both dish out firepower and be absolutely nasty in the assault phase.

    The expansion is okay but I think a better combination for the land speeder is a heavy bolter and a multi-melta. It allows the vehicle to perform two roles without having to get too close to the enemy.

    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.


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