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    1K BA mech/assault list, wanting to expand

    So, I've got my 1,000pts list pretty much figured out; it won a local random doubles tourney, winning 3 out of 4 games, drawing the fourth. It's not a typical BA list, and is as follows;

    Librarian - 100
    Fear of the Darkness, Might of Heroes

    Sternguard - 150
    5 Sternguard, Sgt; Powerfist
    Razorback - 90
    [i]Lascannon, Twin-Linked Plasma Gun[i]

    Assault Squad - 215
    10 Marines; 1x Melta, Sgt; Power Weapon

    Assault Squad - 130
    5 Marines; 1x Flamer, Sgt; Power Weapon, Hand Flamer
    Razorback - 20
    Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer

    Scout Squad - 139
    8 Scouts; 3 Shotguns, 4 CCW/BP Sgt; Powerfist, Shotgun

    Fast Attack
    Baal Predator - 155
    Heavy Bolters, Twin-Linked Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolter

    Total - 999Pts

    Now, I want to push the army upto 1500, and then to 2k, but I'm not sure what to use. I already have 5 assault vets, armed with a variety of weapons (and jump packs, of course) , 5 DC without many upgrades (Jump packs again, and a Fist) , a Chaplain, a Captain, and a Furioso with a frag cannon.
    So, my army won't go far by just using what I have, so I think it's about investment time, but here's where I'm stuck. I just haven't got enough experience with the BA (or SMEQs) to know what to get. Some anti-tank firepower would be nice, to which end I'm considering a couple of Speeders, probably with missile launchers. Expensive (points and models) but I think they're cool, and more flexible than a melta. Perhaps even a Stormraven, if I can scramble together enough money for the insane conversion it would take.

    So, fellow BA and SM players/experienced knower-howers, I cast my doubts to you - what the hell do I need in my list to take on the much bigger, horrible..er things in larger lists?

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    It's a pretty good list, all things considered.

    I like Fear of the Darkness, but Might of Heroes seems to constantly disappoint me. Consider switching to Sanguine Sword or Unleash Rage. Also, consider Shield of Sanguinius (it works on your vehicles.)

    As for your troops, the ten man assault squad seems lacking. Consider giving the power weapon to the scouts and the powerfist to the Assault Sergeant (he'll live long enough to use it better.) Scouts are often best used as fire support. Consider trying out some snipers one day, I love 'em.

    The Baal predator is good but it might get caught up being the only 'heavy' armor in your army. Consider dropping the scouts all together to get another tank (probably a AC/LC predator.) It'll leave you troop light but lead with your Sternguard since they can't take objectives.
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