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    1850 Blood Angels Themed/quasi comp

    After reading a thread about help against Daemons as BA, and the statement about S.Guard not being viable below 2k I figured I'd post the list I've been using lately in an attempt to help dissuade that argument.

    It's a small elite army, that's filled with units I love. All of which many would deem to expensive too run simultaneously at such a points level. Here's the thing, it's fast and aggressive enough, has the answers and hits hard enough that every single opponent I've played with it so far has been tabled. Most by turn four and one was all but removed by the end of turn 2... so I'll let the results do the speak for themselves.

    The list was originally designed for 2k and has been modified to fit 1850. And it was designed heavily with a thematic quasi comp approach in mind as that was part of the tournament format.

    That and I'm entirely biased, I love the S.Guard Models. Love the raven and have always loved the Furioso's so I was bound and determined to somehow put them all in a list. So I came up with the following 'Dante's Arch Angel Strike force' But anyway here it is. The theme being Dante would blaze in with lightning speed, leading only a few of the best, clean house and move on just as quickly. Executing the Emperor's will in true Blood Angel swift strike fashion.

    HQ: Dante
    HQ: Honor Guard with Jump Packs, Melta Gun x4, Flamerx3, Bolter.

    Troops: S.Guard (No upgrades)
    Troops: S.Guard (One power fist)
    Troops: 10 Man Assault Squad (Melta Gun x2)
    Troops: 10 Man Assault Squad (Melta Gun x2)

    Elites: Furioso Dreadnought with Blood Talons
    Elites: Furioso Librarian Dreadnought (Wings/Shield)
    Elites: S. Priest /w Jump Pack.

    Heavy: Stormraven /w TL Multi-Melta, TL Lascannon.

    Obviously this army is all but immune to small arms fire. Even the current trend of Missile spam is not terribly effective. Libby Dread gives a nice needed cover save to your small unit count. Furioso goes in the Raven and usually flies breakneck at the target of your choice. Or plays Mobile Heavy fire support for the first turn before delivering the dread of death. Dante n Honor Guard usually reserve in as an answer to well... anything. Dante is scary enough in melee and with hit+run you're never going to stop that unit from shooting things into the ground until you wipe them out.

    Your troops are already excellent at killing infantry, you're fast enough to get to melee by turn two. With enough threats on the board most of which are practically immune to small arms fire that you should get there relatively whole. (Proper placement of the priest for FNP bubbles is a must)

    And to debunk the small elite armies are not good against horde armies. My last game with this list was against Ork horde. He was my fastest game yet. Dante n Co all but removed large ork squads from the board every turn. And once I hit them in melee with my far superior cc units and the solid shooting from S.Guard. (Angelus Boltguns are actually very very good.) it was end game.

    I lost a S.Guard squad to his nob bikers, but they were set up as bait for the for double dread counter charge. Lootas obviously took the Raven down but it had already done its job. (Delivered the dread and killed off some of his tougher units.)

    Anyway I figured this might help out a bit. It takes a little more tactical finesse to play the smaller elite armies but it's always rewarding.

    I've contemplated swapping out the standard assault squads for two more squads of S.Guard. It would make them harder and more to the theme, but limit the model count more. It's a toss up. (That and I don't have 10 more S.Guard painted yet!)

    If ya have comments or questions feel free. I don't see too much that could be changed but another viewpoint is always appreciated.

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    It's somewhat similar to my last game in number of models, and I beat my Tyranid horde opponent 4-2 on KP (would have been a wipeout but for my shocking dice!)

    Death Company x10 w/ Lemartes, some flamers and power weapons
    Death Company Dread
    Command Squad w/ JPs, lightning claws and storm bolters
    Stormraven w/ TML
    Stormraven w/ TML
    2x Land Speeder w/ 2x HB each

    I lost a Raven and the Command Squad, he lost almost all of his army. Multiple Elite Units does work, you just need to make sure you hit hard and don't hold back.
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