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    1500 Marines Deep Strike

    I've not played 40k or fantasy for about 6 years, but now that I have a job I'm starting up again. This is a deep strike marine list, an army I could buy and collect fairly quickly.

    I chose 2 Whirlwinds because this means I can dedicate my tactical squads and land speeders to anti-tank and anti-armour roles. The scouts infiltrate and teleport the terminators into place. The drop pod turns up and the tactical squads deep strike around it. The land speeders counter-attack and go for transports and monsters. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what role the scouts can play apart from their teleportation homer and infiltration. Perhaps this is enough?

    Are Whirlwinds still guess range weapons, i.e. can I hide them behind a hill while they pound the enemy infantry? Also, how viable do you find the land speeders? They seem to me like a suicide squad as as soon as they drop out of cover they will be shot to smithereens. Are terminators any good? I chose them because I thought their teleportation ability would reinforce the 3 deep striking tactical squads. I am thinking of getting rid of the terminators and adding another drop pod so I don't have to deep strike and show my hand in turn one. Can terminators deploy in drop squads? I might exchange the terminators for a drop pod arriving veterans unit. What do you think?

    I am not wholly familiar with the new rules and codices, so please tell me whether or not you think this list is viable. Since I have land speeders, plasma guns and terminators I was thinking of making this a Dark Angels army. Are there special rules for Dark Angels yet?


    Command Squad – Apothecary, 2 plasma guns, 2 power swords, drop pod – 220


    5 Terminators – Assault cannon, 2 chain fists – 240

    Troops 529

    7 Tactical Marines – 2 Plasma guns, power sword – 167

    7 Tactical Marines – 2 Plasma guns, power sword – 167

    5 Tactical Marines – 2 flamers, power sword – 105

    5 Scouts – 5 Shotguns, teleportation homer – 90

    Fast Attack

    Land Speeder – 2 multi-meltas – 80

    Land Speeder – 2 multi-meltas – 80


    Predator – Twin linked lascannon, lascannon sponsons, extra armour – 180

    Whirlwind – 85

    Whirlwind – 85

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    First things first I think you might want to pick up a new Marine Codex. There is quite a big difference between the 4th and 5th ED Codexes. For instance the whole trait system is gone so you can no longer have 2 special weapons in your tactical squads.

    So, with that in mind there isn't alot of avdice I can give about equipment etc but i'll comment on what I can.

    A Command squad does not count as an HQ. You need a Captain, Chaplin or Librarian to lead your force. The command squad is just the bodyguard.

    Looks good. Still can't go wrong with these boys. The Storm shield and thunderhammer Terminators have got a huge boost so if you have any of these consider these boys instead.

    Tactical squads can no longer have 2 special weapons per squad. Infact they now need to be a full squad of 10 before they can have a special weapon or heavy weapon. I'd also considergiving your boys transports to get you around the board. The new Edition is all about grabbing objectives. Transports are pretty much key in 5th edition.

    The Predator might be better off with a Autocannon and 2 Lascannons. It's seriously cheaper and still pretty awesome

    EDIT: Yeah there is a whole new Dark Angels Codex. Unfortunately it's quite old and doesn't have alot of cool new units in it. It does have some cool units of it's own but unless you want to do a pure Terminator force i'd stick with the new Marine Codex. It's just 'better' in my humble opinion
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