Space wolves list 1500 points

HQ: 478
Bjorn the fell handed 270
Plasma cannon

Rune priest:158
Storm bolter
Saga of Beast slayer
Melta bombs
chooser of the slain
wolf tooth necklace
Runic armour
"jaws of the world wolf"

Wolf scouts pack x5 115
Sniper rifles
melta bombs x5

Wolf guard x5 255
Terminator armour
wolf claws x2
power fist
chainfist x2
heavy flamer
storm shield + thunder hammer

blood claws x 9 175
plasma gun
plasma pistol
power sword

blood claws x 9 170
melta gun
plasma pistol
power sword

wolf guard leader 53
Frost blade
plasma pistol
melta bombs

wolf guard leader 53
Power fist
plasma pistol
melta bombs

Heavy support
land raider redeemer 250
multi melta


wolf guard are guarding rune priest
i just think blood claws own big time (4 attacks on charge )
i'm mostly playing against other players with high cc and not much mech and we agreed that would be kinda silly
WG are in redeemer (i'm fighting marines and necrons so those flamestorms own)
needs a bit tweeking but is good for most time
oh and scouts are for flanking tanks at the board edges.