Hi Guys,

Im an old Ultramarine/eldar collector that came back to the hobby this summer after 6 years. Since almoast everyone in my gaming group plays MEQ (Nurgle Marines, Ultramarines, Space wolfs, Black Templars, Eldar and Orks) i naturaly focused on my Eldar host. Its going along nicely. Recently ive getting more and more interested in painting some ultramarines though. Especially terminators with FW shoulderpads and the new venerable dreadnought.. looks awesome!

I have about 4000p worth of painted Ultramarines so i can build alot of different kind armies. I dont have the latest minis though. I actually also lack proper terminators. (i have the super oldschool small metal ones and they are not even painted)
So i threw this together to have something to do.

O and one more thing.. im not up to date with marine tactics at all.. so see this more as a fun project then a tournament list.

Im looking for help with tuning and wargear. Idea is of course to start in reserve with everything and then deepstrike.. Im quite aware if the disadvantages with this list.

What do you think about this:

Chaplain, Terminator armour with combi melta 135p

Tactical Squad (10 Guys) 225p
Melta gun
Plasma Cannon
Drop pod

Tactical Squad ( 10 Guys) 225p
Melta gun
Plasma Cannon
Drop pod

Terminator Squad (5 guys) 210 p
Heavy flamer
Chain fist

Terminator Assault Squad (5 guys) 200p

Venerable Dreadnought 245p
TL Lascannon
Extra armour
Drop Pod

Total: 1245p