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    1000 points BA (2k point doubles with Spacewolves)

    Ok, need some list advice / C&C. You guys have been gold in the past, the ork list you helped me create placed 4th overall in the last tournament (MASSIVE improvement). I'm playing in a 2000 point doubles tourney (1000 per player). Only requirements per player is each has 1 HQ and one troops choice (the rest follows standard FO combined, I.E. up to 3 elites/support per SIDE). Me and my partner decided to go Blood Angels/Space wolves, and we are trying to finish our joint list, but a lot of his list, depends on mine. We figured the strength of the BA was in their speed units. Here is what I know for sure:

    Partner (Space wolves)
    1 HQ (either a Lord or Rune Priest)
    1 Grey hunters unit
    at least 1 Long fangs unit

    My core

    2 - 10 man assault squads. Each has 2 melta guns (might switch one melta to one plasma per unit for more flexibility) and a the sargeant has a powerfist. Flexible, fast, and decent tank busting capabilities.
    2 Sanguinary Priests (one per squad), each with a jump pack. (FNP+ Furious charge is gold for the 2 squads)

    = 620 points.

    This leaves me with the HQ/support section, and there are too many options here. I can't figure out what to take. I need one HQ and we decided that I would also take at least one armor choice (mainly for anti horde reasons). This is what I need help on. Here are my options so far

    Option 1: Sanguinor, Predator w H.Bolters. (don't necissarily like this one, but the Sanguinor is a good bullet magnet and very survivable, plus buffs.)
    2: Daka Predator, Reculsiarch w jump pack, Chaplain with jump pack. ( 1 per squad, rerolls on charge, plus power weapons and invulns, makes the Assault units BEAST.)
    3:Astorath, Baal predator with H. bolters OR a Vindicator. (Good buffer/HQ killer + Anti horde)
    4:Astorath, Daka Predator, Landspeeder w 2 heavy bolters. (Better anti horde, albeit more fragile)
    5aka Preditor, 5 man assault squad in a razorback, Gabriel Seth (Seth with the assault squad to shore them up, str 8 rending gives them CC and anti vehicle capabilities).

    I have too many options. I'm open to any others I didn't list, but i need at least 1 HQ and one Armor choice. For instance I've looked at Dante (to land a squad right next to a juicy tank with his deepstrike rule), and a cheap Librarian, a rifleman Dread, etc... Basically, spend 380 points on an HQ, armor and some filler to best compliment 2 good assault squads. The armor should be more anti horde based (lotsa dice, or pie plates). Thanks!

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    If your partner has the mobility to support it, the chappy+priest assault squad would be deadly! Stick with the meltaguns for armour busting and the powerfist + PW will kill almost everything thrown at you. Not to mention tons of rerollable S5 attacks!!

    - Dimitri

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