Chaplain w/ PF (will be joining DC)

Sanguinary Priests w/ JP and LC x2


Death Company x9 w/ PF and 3 PW
Rhino Transport with HK Missile

Assault Squad x10 w/ PF and 2 Meltaguns (1 Sang. Priest here)

Assault Squad x10 w/ PF and 2 Meltaguns (other sang priest here)

Assault Squad x10 w/ PF and 2 Meltaguns

Scout Squad x5 w/ Sniper Rifles, ML, and Locator

Fast Attack

Land Speeder x2 w/ MM's

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad x10 w/ 4x ML

Basic Tactica:

Use Mephiston and the DC to draw attention to opposite sides of the table while the first 2 Assault Squads w/ sang. priests jump up and get into CC as fast as possible all the while using their Melta as needed. The scouts can be used to hold home objectives and bring the 3rd Assault squad (combat squaded if needed) in without scattering, they can also help bring down MC's. The 3rd assault squad I was planning on using as a tank hunting/objective taking and contesting unit.

The land speeders are there to flank and pop the heavy armour, and to contest objectives in the later turns. The Dev squad would be combat squaded with 2 ML (obviously) each. giving me more anit-armour and anti horde capabilities.

I know that Mephiston is a beast in CC so that is going to be his primary roll (duh lol)

The DC with Chaplain is a bit tricky to use, as i want to get the most out of them....they need to assault. I was planning on using them as a counter assault unit backing up one of the assault squads, being in a rhino I can counter the rage SR until they disembark. However, being the only "armour" on the table makes them a top target for anti-tank.....

so, what would you change to the list/tactics???