ok I have an 1850 Tourney coming up on the 18th and want to try something new with this list. Im taking three 5 man ISTs as my objective holders while the rest of my army kills the opposition. This is the first time ive run 3 exorcists and i know it seems a bit cheese but i want to see what happens.

Here we go:

Canoness: Book, Cloak, Litanies, Mantle, Brazier, Blessed Weapon, Frag
Celestian Retinue x5: Melta, Heavy Flamer, Krak, upgrade to VSS
VSS: Plasma Pistol, Eviscerator
Immolator (HF): Dozer, Armor, Promethium, and Smoke

OM IL: Psychic Hood, Targeter, Psycannon
x2 sage

3x Inquisitorial Storm Troopers x5: 2x plasma gun, krak, upgrade to Vet
Vet: Plasma Pistol, Hellgun w/Targeter, Power Armor

Fast Attack:
Dominions x4: 4x Flamers, Melta Bombs, upgrade to VSS
VSS: Brazier, Eviscerator, Book, Frag
Immolator (HF): Dozer, Armor, Promethium, Smoke

Seraphim x7: 2x hand flamers, melta bombs, upgrade to VSS
VSS: Brazier, Eviscerator, Book

Heavy Support:
3x Exorcists: Dozer, Armor