I have almost finished painting up my army so this is (personaly) a quite refined list but i wanted to see what you guys think about it. I will put up pictures when im done painting but anyway this is what i am running:

Chaplain cassius =125
(goes with terminators in LR)

Assault terminators =465
pair of lightning claws x2
Thunder hammer and storm shield x3
Land raider redeemer
extra armour

Tactical marines x10 =205
missle launcher

Tactical marines x10 =220

Vindicator =115

Vindicator =115

Preditor =165
Twin-linked lasacannon
lasacannon sponsers

Land speeder typhoon =90

total = 1,500

This list deos well against most armies. Being fast helps this and the terminators scaring things is a good asset with the typhoon poping light transports and the preditor for poping landraiders and the like. The rhinos are essential in keeping my troops alive and normaly last till the end of the game to capture objectives.

Feedback would be gladly apreciated