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    1500pt Universal List

    I am starting an IG army for a Tournament in early Feb. I want to have a list in mind to collect and have finished painted in a month. This is a list I have put together, I am not worried about dominating in this tournament I just want to be competitive.

    Company Command Squad
    Vox Caster
    3x Plasma Guns
    Carapace Armour

    Ratling Squad (3 Ratlings)

    Infantry Platoon
    Platoon Command Squad
    Vox Caster
    3x Plasma Gun
    Carapace Armour
    Infantry Squad (x3 groups)
    Vox Caster

    Veteran Squad (x2 groups)
    2x Flamers
    Heavy Flamer

    Scout Sentinel Squad (3x)

    Hydra Flak Tank (2x)

    Leman Russ Vanquisher (2x)

    Leman Russ Punisher

    Total 1495

    Armies: 40k: Imperial Guard, Orks Fantasy: Skaven

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    On foot these boys are one hell of a target. Nothing says "shoot me" more than 3 expensive Plasma guns weilded by 5 squishy guardsmen on foot. I run a similar unit to be honest but the squad is in a chimera so it can get up close and make the best use of those expensive Plasma guns. On foot you're probably best off with G-Launchers so you have range and can move or a heavy weapon.

    What are 3 ratlings going to acheive for you? Ok they're not exactly expensive but in Kill Points they're on easy kill point for the enemy. You might be better off using those points elsewhere. Maybe on the Veterans?

    PCS - These boys can't have Carapace armour. Also, 3 Plasma guns are hideously expensive. On BS3 models they're just not going to be worth it. Why not pu these guns in a Veteran squad? BS4 means they can actually hit a Barn Door. Them being in a Chimera also means you can get those guns where they're needed.

    Infantry squads. Is a Vox needed in every unit? Those points add up.

    Veterans. You're paying points for BS4 on these boys so why give them flamers? Give these boys Plasma guns or Melta guns. Weapons that need a decent BS to be worth while. You have a Heavy Flamer on your Chimera anyway so you have Templates covered already!

    Vanquishers,to be honest these guys aren’t great. The gun is good but it’s a shame it’s fired by a BS3 Guardsmen. If it was Bs4 maybe it would be worth it but unfortunately one BS3 shot is just to risky to be worth 150+ points. Grab just a cheap normal Russ or a Demolisher. They’re cheap reliable variants.

    The same goes for Punishers as well. They’re expensive and BS3 kills their efficiency. 20 shots sounds good but against Marines you’re only hitting 10, wounding 6, killing 2. Against Orks, well you’re only killing 5 as even they get an armour save!!! In most, if not all cases you’re better off with a Normal Russ or Demolisher.
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