Hello all, having some wonderful space marine ideas at the moment and with january on the horizon was thinking a 1000 to 2000 points progressive army build to start the beginnings of my battle company project was the go, so heres my list! all criticism and comment are welcome i posted this for feedback

STORM WARDENS; 3rd company; blue heraldry; Blood Angles codex
now i use the blood angle rules mainly because i want to take a Stormraven gunship and i have always loved the idea of an elite squad of terminators lunging towards the battlefield heroicly, and lets face it the rules arent too bad....

aniways here it is;

Captain; terminatour armour 2 thunder hammers,
Captain;(tycho) use as tactical advisor and protege

Sternguard (as deathwatch kill team) 10 man

Assault terminators (Storm Guard) w/ thunder hammers storm sheilds

Tactical squad; meltagun, missle launcher,power fist, combi melta in drop pod
Tactical Squad; plasma gun, cannon, combi plasma and pwr weapon

scouts; 10 man snipers combi melta

Death Company (as deathwatch combat detachment) 5 man 2 TH, 3 pwr weps, infernus pistol

Stormraven gunship w/ twin linked multi melta, twin linked lascannon, extra armour, and hurricane sponsons

Now please excuse some of my shorthand if you dont understand it its pretty simple and i hope to get some feedback asap, thsi is as currently a one man army background stroy and squad updates will all come with time (and lets face it money) but i will persevere and getthis done part of teh reason for this post is to keep me on this one so read and enjoy

PS> probly wont answer this for at least 5 days going away for christmas but will hopefully be back soon with cash for models perhaps ;P

So merry christmas to all and a happy new year!!!