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    500pt Mech Guard For GW Store Tournament

    A GW store is running a 500pt tournament next week so I thought I throw together a list for my mech guard to enter. But I know there are some skilled players at this store so I thought best to get some feedback on it.

    (Only FOC requirement is 1 troops choice)

    65 - Marbo
    (At 500pts he'll do a lot of damage with his opening salvo and serve as a good distraction)

    100 - Veteran Squad: 3 Meltaguns
    65 - Chimera: Heavy Flamer & Heavy Stubber

    100 - Veteran Squad: 3 Meltaguns
    55 - Chimera: Heavy Flamer
    (Solid units; able to handle any unit with the heavy flamers, meltaguns and multi-lasers)

    40 - Scout Sentinel
    (Had 50pts left to spend so I thought Iíd have an outflanking sentinel)

    75 - Griffon Mortar or Hydra?
    (Now Iím unsure what to do in this area Iíve already got the flamers on the chimeras to handle hordes and the multi-lasers and auto cannon to handle tanks as I doubt Iíll see a lot of at 500pts. So which do you think Iíll be better off with?)

    Total Pts: 500
    Total No: 21 (4)
    Kill Pts: 7

    I did have another list which featured both a hydra and griffon but replaced marbo and he seems like too much of a steel not to include at this points level.

    So what do you think? (Hydra Or Griffon?)

    Also this is a mech guard army so I don't have any infantry platoons before anyone makes that suggestion.

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    Marbo's main drawback is his fragility, but at 500 points his destructive power is immense. I'm partial to Hydras personally. I think that their ability to counter high speed cover saves is a sweet perk. You are not likely to see heavy armor at 500 points, but skimmers and bikes are definite possibilities.
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