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    "This is madness!"

    Last night i had a mad idea for a 1500pt SM army. Here's the list -

    Captain 165pts
    - Combi-Melta
    - Power Weapon
    - Artificer Armour
    - Digital Weapons
    - Hellfire Rounds
    - Melta Bombs

    Command Squad 175pts
    - Company Standard
    - Company Champion
    - Power Weapon x2
    - Extra Armour

    Tactical Squad x3 615pts
    - Space Marines x5
    - Flamer
    - Missile Launcher
    - Rhino

    Devastator Squad 150pts
    - Multi-Melta x4

    Devastator Sauad 150pts
    - Heavy Bolter x4

    Devastator Squad 190pts
    - Plasma Cannon x4

    - Highly mobile army
    - Split each tactical squad into combat squads, place Sgt with flamer in Rhino, have heavy weapon standing on it's own. 3 Missiles Launchers firing a turn.
    - Stick Multi-Meltas in the middle of deployment zone, 24" firing left to right 180 degress zone of anti-tank death.
    - 4 Heavy Bolters = lots of anti-infantry fire
    - Plasma Cannons spitting invulnerable save only shots.

    - Only the command Razorback has extra armour, any lucky 2s means troop choices going nowhere
    - Only 5 man squads capturing objectives, quicker to loose them.
    - Multi-Meltas limited to 24", enemy might go for them quickly.
    - Plasma Cannons - first round of firing could vaporise half the unit.

    Opinions? Ideas?

    Last edited by TheShad0w; January 5th, 2011 at 08:29. Reason: Should have said 1500pt army list

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    It's strange but actually good. I'd swap the multimeltas cause no vehicle is going to come within 12".The best you can get is a strength 8 shot at 24".So it's better to get 4missile-launchers so you can take infantry out+better range. If you want to do the dev's like that, consider mixing the weapons up as your opponent will go for the one that annoys him the most (eg plasma cannons).It'll also help cause if only your heavy bolters can see a tank and none of the other squads can, you dont have much chance of getting it.

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