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    Battleforce List (First Time, 400 Points)

    Hello all, I have justed started playing Warhammer 40k, and I am playing as Cadian Imperial Guard. I got a battleforce for Christmas, and here is what I plan on building.

    HQ-100 Points
    Company Command Squad- 100 Points
    Vox-Caster-5 Points
    Regimental Standard-15 Points
    Medi-Pack-30 Points

    TROOPS-220 Points
    Infantry Squad A-60 Points
    Vox-Caster-5 Points
    Flamer-5 Points

    Infantry Squad B-60 Points
    Vox-Caster-5 Points
    Frag Grenade Launcher-5 Points

    Heavy Weapons Squad-100 Points
    Lascannon (x2)-30 Points
    Frag Missile Launcher-10 Points

    Armored Sentinel-80 Points
    Hunter-Killer Missile-10 Points
    Lascannon-15 Points

    Well, there's my list! P.S. I plan to be playing a lot against my brother, who will be playing as the Tau, and my friend Nathan, who plays Catachan.

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    Welcome to Guard!!

    The first thing you need to get your head round as a Guard player is Platoons. You can't take 'infantry squads' on their own. Infantry squads need to part of a Platoon and Platoons consist of a Platoon command squad and at least 2 Infantry squads. This is a Platoon and it counts as ONE Troops choice...........

    Platoon Command Squad
    1 Platoon commander & 4 Guardsmen.

    2x Infantry squads
    1 Sergeant & 9 Guardsmen.

    With this in mind, your list is illegal as you have no Platoon Command squad to lead your infantry squads. Even if you found the points to add one in you'd only have one troops choice. Now you can fix this quite easily.

    (Just for now) Rather than take Infantry squads, take Veteran Squads. Veteran squads don't need to be part of a Platoon and count as a troops choice all by them selves. Thus meaning you only need two squads. They cost a little extra in terms points so you might need to re-jig your list. Also, if you use these models as Veterans then you wont be able to take Heavy weapon squads. You can simply move these heavy weapons into the squads. So the Company Command and each of the Veteran squads gets a Heavy weapon (you should have 6 left over guardsmen)

    This should make your list legal and useable for small sized points but as you buy more models I'd grab some more basic guardsmen so you can make some Platoons. Or if you want to stick with Veterans grab them some Chimeras and do a mechanised force.

    I'll let someone else comment on the actual selection of weapons as I'm just finishing work and don't have time!!!
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