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    Astral claws 1500pts --competitive list

    Pedro kantor---(re-named)

    TacticalSquad---meltagun missile launcher powerfist Rhino

    TacticalSquad---meltagun missile launcher powerfist Rhino

    TacticalSquad---meltagun missile launcher powerfist Razor back/Lascannon

    Vanguard-powerweapon/Sgt... powerfist....Razorback/lascannon

    Drednought/Plasma cannon




    P.S wondering if to swap the vinidi's for something diffrent as of one weapon destroyied result is a useless vinidi... suggestions please

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    Astral Claws? I assume you're making them the chapter that was honoured in the halls of Eternity Gate and not the renegades of the Badab War.

    First off, I don't really like Pedro in this list. Since you don't take sternguard, he doesn't make them scoring. The only thing you get from him is the extra attack. I assume you took him for use with the vanguard unit? I don't like him in this list since you lose the combat tactics and end up with stubborn. This is not really helpfull for this list. Perhaps look at a chaplain to go with your vanguard. You did do good not to buy them jumppacks though. They are way to expensive for vanguard.

    Think about the job you have set for your tacs. uniformity in their load out is not always the best way. Personally, I prefer to put a meltagun with a multimelta in a rhino or give a squad ML+flamer and a razorback. This really depends on what you want them to do and how you play them.

    As for the Dread, The plasmacannon has its uses. It can be a bit unreliable because of scatter though.

    Two vindi's are good. You should always run them in pairs lest your opponent direct all AT weaponry in his arsenal at a single one. Keep them in cover and remember that they can drive 6" and then fire 24" for a total fo 30" range per turn. The size of the blast means that in general even if you do scatter (66% of the time) there will be something that gets hit and the majority of the things hit will instant death. I wouldn't worry about the weapon destroyed result too much. It is but one result on the vehicle damage table. Besides a vindi that lost its demolisher cannon will in general be ignored by your opponent, while you can still tankshock or ram with it or even use it to contest objectives late in the game.

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