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    2000 Point SM Army - Salamanders

    I haven't played warhammer 40k since 3rd edition rules and decided to hop back into the hobby as a collecting/painting thing. After getting quite a few models together and such, decided that maybe I do want to play some games. I already have most if not all of these units but I really enjoy collecting and painting them so getting more isn't an issue.

    1x Vulkan He'stan - 190

    1x Sternguard Squad - 6 units with 1 Multi-Melta, 1 Combi-Melta - 160
    1x Razorback with Twin-Linked Lascannon and a dozerblade - 80

    1x Terminator Assualt Squad with 5x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield - 200
    1x Land Raider Redeemer with Multi-Melta and extra armor - 265

    2x Tactical Squad - 10 units, sergent with Power Weapon and Plasma Pistol, 1 Multi-Melta and 1 Meltagun -378 (189 each)
    2x Rhino with Stormbolter - 90 (45 each)
    1x Tactical Squad - 10 units, 1 Multi-Melta and 1 Meltagun - 159
    1x Drop Pod - 35

    Fast Attack
    1x Bike Squad - 4 units, Sergeant with Power Weapon, 2 units with Meltaguns and 1 attack bike with Multi-Melta - 175
    2x Land Speeder with Typhoon Missile Launcher and heavy bolters - 180
    (I can swap the Typhoon into assault cannons as needed same cost)

    Heavy Support
    1x Whirlwind - 85 points

    I'm mostly thinking along the lines of Vulkan leading a somewhat fast team to recover an artifact or relic, so each unit needs to be in a vehicle of some sort. I'm ultimatly going to run 3 drop pods once I get to the 2500 army to represent him calling in reinforcements from a ship when needed.

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    Welcome back to the hobby.
    Even if you're bent on just collecting and painting your army, you eventually end up bringing them to life on the tabletop

    It's a rather nice list you have assembled here. Vulcan is both fluffy and a good HQ choice, so he is the way to go for your army.
    I love using sternguard vets. They dish out a large amount of firepower and the special issue ammo gives them an edge against virtually everything they come across. I'd drop the MM though and max out on combi weapons. Nice transport, though I'd really drop the dozerblade.

    The termies are perfectly kitted out for use with Vulcan. The redeemer is my preferred choice of LR and fits perfectly in the fluff of this list.

    The first two tacs are well equipped, save for the plasma pistol on the sarge. I'm really no fan of these ones given the "gets hot" rule. Drop the extra storm bolter on the rhino's. they come with one stock and this saves you 20pts in total.
    The third tac seems a bit odd. At 10 man strong with a MG and MM they cost more than the 159pts you counted here. Also, a single drop pod is a no go. This means that these guys will come down turn one and be pretty much unsupported for at least one turn. This could very well mean you lose a scoring unit at the very beginning. I feel that pods work best when taking 3/5 or 7 of 'em. like you said yourself, its good for your 2500pts list but not here.

    Since this is not a dedicated bikelist, the single biker unit might work even if it's just as a distraction.
    Keep your speeders as typhoons and forget the assaultcannon on these. The longrange firepower of the speeders will assist you greatly. I wouldn't run them as a squadron though, but as separate units. It adds a killpoint but this way they can each fire at a separate target or converge fire on a unit as the tide of battle dictates.

    I really don't like the Whirly (partially since the scatterdice-god has it in for me). Though it comes rather cheap and does not require line of sight, the whirlwind suffers a bit from a limited damage output. It can provide a distraction, but I'm afraid that it will be disappointing. At the same price, you could get a predator with the AC and the HB sponsons, which might be better.

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