So having a very mechlow metagame here, people field a lot of tottally nonmech armies, so I thought of a funlist, which situates itself in a time in which the Lamenters are closly watched by the Inquisition, and for once, they are the most civilised (and yes they are bloodangels succesors)


Malakim Phoros
(if you hate FW just pretend this reads Tycho, normal edition) 175
2 Tactical squads, power sword sarge, flamer, missile 185/185

The penitants of Soeur Sourire
canonness (jump pack, litanies, combiflamer, powersword, cloak of staspira, book of sintlucius) 135
Sister Repentias (mistress+11) 250

The Daemonhunting squad
2 Grey Knight Squd (6, incinerator) 185/185
Terminator Squad (brother captain+ 3 terminators) 199

so a wacky list, I hope I get to play it this evening, if so I'll bring report out the here
If anyone has advice on making it wackier, by all means, do so