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Thread: straken list

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    straken list


    straken- CCS 3x flamer, 2 body guard, astropath, carapace armor-190


    Marbo- 65

    storm troopers x8 2x plasma- 133

    priest- 45


    Veterans 3x meltagun, demolitions- 130
    Chimera- 55

    Veterans 3x meltagun, demolitions- 130
    Chimera- 55

    Veterans 3x grenade launcher, gunnery sargeant harker- 140

    penal legion- 80

    penal legion -80


    3x scout sentinals with autocannons- 120

    Devil dog w/ multimelta- 135

    Devil dog w/ multimelta -135


    LR battle tank- 150

    LR battle tank- 150

    LR battle tank- 150

    The models that I planned on getting I am not anymore so I wrote up this list. Im not sure about the multimeltas on the devil dogs. I could also change the devil dogs to hell hounds or drop the multimelta and put plasma guns in the storm trooper squad. Ithink I am going to model all the chimeras with multi laser and heavy flamer. annnndd the priest goes with strakens squad for an invul save and re-roll hits. I plan on infiltrating harker or out flanking. out flanking the penal legion squads and the sentinals and either infiltrating the storm troopers by harker or deep striking them. I have catachan snipers that I am going to use for the storm troooers and I didnt think that they would fit as ratlings so I decided to take the storm trooper route. I also have another leman russ i think its a demoliter and also 3 basalisks and about 30 or so more catachans...soo other than play testing this think which i should hopefully do in a week or so what do y'all think?

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    IMO you're way too light on chimeras. You only have two mechanised troops choices to advance with Straken. Remember he only has a 12 inch radius for his charge boost. Even with outflanking, I think you're likely to have troops that are way too scattered. Furious charge IS good, but attrition is going to deplete your close combat ability really fast.

    I'd go for a fully mounted build, assuming you have the models to support it. Maybe you only have a few chimeras in which case ignore half of this. You could proxy hellhounds as chimeras though. That would help a great deal.

    Mike Bryant did this build at the Battle for Salvation:
    Whiskey & 40k: Search results for straken

    I really love the concept. He basically used it very aggressively - putting his chimeras into his opponent's face (check the battle reports). The normal response is to get in close with the Chimeras since Guard disintegrate like wet paper tissue in close combat, but with Straken giving them Furious Charge/Counter Attack that's acutally not that great of an idea. Brawler guard rocks. You could replace the Vendettas/Al Rahem with some Russ and Stormtroopers/Sentinels to retain the disruptive qualities of outflankers and to make use of your models.
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