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    1750 1st game with Sisters since 2nd edition

    So been playing Eldar for the past 1.5 years (after a 10year hiatus from 40k) and have dusted off my beloved Sisters (and bought 4 new immolator/rhino kits).

    I have my first game with them vs IG tomorrow night.
    Here's what I'm planning on bringing. Just want to get a feel for the Sisters (didn't have faith points back in 2nd).

    Cannoness: Cloak, Jump, Evisc, Brazier, book (run with the Seraphim)

    Inquisitor: Combi-Flamer, pwr armor, scourging (joins Dominion Squad)
    Callidus Assassin

    Fast Attack
    Seraphim x7: 1xflamer, 1xInferno
    Vet Sister: Plasma pistol,pwr wpn, book

    Dominion x4: 1xFlamer, 2xMelta, Imagifer
    Vet Sister: Combi-Melta,Brazier,book
    Immolator: armor,Dozer,Smoke

    Sisters x9: flamer, Hvy Flamer
    Vet Sister: Bolter, book
    Rhino: Armor, Smoke

    Sisters x9: Hvy Flamer
    Vet Sister: Bolter, book
    Rhino: Armor, Smoke

    Sisters x9: 2x Storm Bolter
    Vet Sister: Bolter, book
    Rhino: Armor, Smoke

    Heavy Support
    Orbital Strike: Lance
    Exorcist: Armor, Smoke
    Exorcist: Armor, Smoke

    Again just trying things out. Over the next month or so (1-2 games/week) I'll start to finesse and figure out what really works with my style.

    I really wanted to use the Callidus (though I also have a Vindicare) and hence the bare Inquisitor. I think having her appear and assault a troublesome Heavy Weapons or Command squad will be a nice distraction for my opponent.
    Does she have 2 CC weapons

    Orbital Strike is also a 'just cause I want to'.

    Ultimately I want to be as competitive as I am with my Eldar.

    Comments and suggestions are most appreciated.

    Most of my special weapons choices (i.e. the storm bolters and flamers) are due to what I actually have. In addition I have more Seraphim, Land Raider Spartan, 2nd Immolator, and Sisters Repentia.

    At the beginning of turn 1, I spray my opponent's army with the bacon flavored spray. Then I unleash my Boston Terrier Squiggoth who then devours their entire bacon flavored army! There is no defense against her cuteness! All are doomed!

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    I do believe that the Callidus assassin has 2 CC weapons... I remember it from the FAQ.

    I wouldn't take the orbital strike (it's a tad unreliable) and often rendered useless as the enemy simply ignore that piece of terrain. You say you have more seraphim, take them instead.

    I like dominions, some people don't. Just be aware that if the Inquisitor is with them, they can't use faith to get rending flamers.

    Otherwise, looks fine to me, as long as you know what you're doing in terms of tactics with the sisters since you haven't used them since 2nd ed.


    this helped me out heaps when i first started, but you probably know it all already
    If someone helps you, rep them.
    In a votewar you don't vote on a single match, you vote on the entire round. Got that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibal_God View Post
    I do believe that the Callidus assassin has 2 CC weapons... I remember it from the FAQ.
    Yes, the neural shredder is listed as a single handed weapon.

    She has a bunch of rules that have been changed around:
    -against vehicles she inflicts a single glancing hit at -4 to the damage roll. The FAQ doesn't mention if this includes the AP1 bonus
    -she has to dice off against scouts to see if she moves them before or after their scout move
    -you can move units capable of scout moves or inflitration out of their deployment zone, provided you leave them in a legal position (i.e. infiltrators must be a minimum distance away from your units)
    -you can instant death with the neural shredder, but only against targets with an Ld of 4 or less.

    And from the daemonhunters FAQ
    -the callidus can disengage at the start of the assault phase and then declare a charge against unit in that same phase
    -if you disengage in the enemy's phase they can may a charge, note that this last ruling contradicts both the DH and WH book (which states the enemy unit makes a consolidation move at the end of it's phase) and the original assassins rulebook (which also states the unit stands around and makes a consolidation at the end of it's phase). It's not in the WH FAQ though.

    Finally, the callidus's poisoned blades arn't actually poisoned so you never get a reroll for equal/higher strength. You still have to roll to hit with it.

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