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Thread: 2K pts DIY Army

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    2K pts DIY Army

    Howdy all. Am currently in the middle of writing an IA for my own DIY chapter and that would be pretty poor without an army of some kind to back it up. Before getting into the meat of the situation I do want to point out that the following list isn't designed to be super competitive or even competitive at all. It's designed around models I like that I'm happy to use in a game (And the fact that my Blood Angels all deep strike army has been written off as uncompetitive and I'm currently 14-0-0 with them )

    Ok at present I have:

    Tactical Squad x10 w/ Flamer 170

    Tactical Squad x10 w/ Flamer, M/L 170

    Tactical Squad x10 w/ Melta, Lascannon 185

    Sternguard Squad x5 w/ Powerfist, Combi-melta 155

    Scouts x5 w/ Sniper Rifles, M/L 100

    Land Raider Helios 250

    Drop Pods x3 105

    Total: 1135

    Righty a recap. I've included the drop pods separately from the units because I'm not fixed on which ones will be drop podding, that's more than likely going to depend on whichever army I'm facing. The Land Raider Helios is in because I think it's a really great model and it'll really stand out even though most of the time I'll be forced to use it as a normal Raider. Now the crux of my dilemma.

    I'm going to include a unit of terminators but can't decide for shooty or assault ones.

    I'm considering using special characters namely Sicarius, Lysander and Tigurius. If i use either of the captains then I'll be taking a normal libby and if Tiggy gets the vote a normal captain will be chosen which leads onto....

    Whether to take a captain or go the extra distance and get a master and open up a squad of honour guard. I plan on getting the forgeworld model of Sevrin Loth and his honour guard so I'm not sure whether to get a master and use them as an honour guard or get a captain and have them kitted out as a vanguard squad instead.

    As I've said above p-lease bear in mind that competitiveness isn't the foremost quality I'm looking to inject into this list. With that being said any ideas/advice/criticism would be more than appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    First off, you can't just pick and choose which units have drop pods. You can pick and choose if they use the drop pods, but since the pods are dedicated transports the only unit that can start the game or come out of reserves in them is the unit for which they were purchased.

    If you can get away with using the Helios as a Helios, then you should definitely include a small, cheap troop unit for it. It'll be best used as a bunker for providing fire support, given the weapons mix it has.

    Which type of terminator you'll want really depends on the codex you're running. Most of the time though, it's pretty hard to go wrong with Hammer/Shield units due to their staying and killing power.

    If you're looking at a Chapter Master, take a look at Pedro. Even if you discout his scoring sternguard trick, he's still got a number of useful abilities that make him an excellent additions to any infantry-heavy army. Lysander synergizes quite well with Sternguard too, and Khan and Sicarius both have useful tricks as well.

    I also suggest maxing out your sniper team and running them with Tellion - he's a beast, and he's incredibly useful.

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