I wanted to create a list this time BEFORE i collect the models (Got 2k of space wolves i never use...) so I'm hoping for some advice, mainly on equipment tweaks. I want the list to be fluffy-ish with just a bit of a competitive edge to it. So here goes

Pedro Kantor

10 Sternguard, fist, heavy flamer, 4 combi-meltas

10 Sternguard, fist, heavy flamer, 4 combi-meltas

10 Tackies, fist, Missile Launcher, flamer

10 Tackies, fist, combi-melta, melta

1 Dreadnought, multi-melta, heavy flamer, combat claw

5 drop pods

Kantor goes with one Sternguard squad. Both squads Deep Strike with the flamer tackie squad. The flamer squad either goes for horde units or combat squads with the missile launcher on an objective and the flamer/sergeant in the other. The Sternguard squad without Kantor combat squads (flamer and four others in one squad/ meltas and sergeant in the next) so I can destroy a vehicle and then poor into another target (like that nearby crisis suit squad or the Khorn Berserkers in the Rhino crater) while the one with Kantor stays together to protect him and look scary. The dread comes in last to take advantage of the lessened amount of anti-vehicle weaponry thanks to 8+ meltas. I may deep strike the melta squad in first if I'm going against something like mech guard. I like the list because it has a lot of flexibility while still giving each unit a role to complete. Plus it is fluffy to my understanding, which is a bonus.