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    1500 Point Raven Guard List

    Hi everyone, I've been out of warhammer 40K for a few years but am now getting back into it again with some mates. I'm keen to finally make a space marine army after playing them in Dawn of War II. I'm really keen on a drop pod heavy army and so I've decided that Raven Guard would fit really well with that theme.

    Anyway here is the list that I've come up with, but it needs tweaking and I can't decide on the last unit to add.

    Raven Guard Army List

    Captain Shrike

    Tactical Squad
    10 x Tactical Marines, meltagun, multimelta, power fist
    Drop pod

    Tactical Squad
    10 x Tactical Marines, meltagun, missle launcher, power fist
    Drop pod

    Scout Squad
    10 x Scouts, close combat weapons, power fist

    Multi-melta, heavy flamer
    Drop pod

    Assault cannon, heavy flamer
    Drop pod

    Fast Attack
    Assault Squad
    10 x Assault Marines, lightning claws

    1360 Points

    Now I have 140 points left over and I'm thinking I could drop the scout sergeants power fist to a power weapon and then get another multi-melta dread in a drop pod. This would up my drop pod number to 5 so I would get 3 down on the first turn. I like this option but am thinking 3 dreads might be over the top.

    The other option is a little harder to fit, but a unit of assault terminators could be amazing. Get them to infiltrate with Shrike and they would really pack a punch. Plus the models are fantastic. If I dropped the scout unit to 7 and the assault marine unit to 9 then I could fit in the assault terminators. It's not as clean unit numbers wise but I think it could still work really well.

    Anyway, what do you guys think? I haven't played a game of 5th edition yet so any feedback would be most welcome.

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    Drop the Scouts to 5, give the sarge power weapon instead of pfist. That should save you enough for the Assault Termies. Other option is to use the 140 points to get you another Scout Squad with camo cloaks, sniper rifles and missile launcher and use them to sit on your home objective.
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