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    1000 points mech list: - testing Penal Legion

    As said in the title, the purpose of this list is to test out a squad of penal legion. Ideally I would have liked another unit, but I only have one ready to be painted at the moment.

    I think Penal Legion could be rather underated. The general opinion seems to be that they are too expensive and too random. But they have one ability that leaps out at me:

    Scouts. Or rather 'outflank'.

    In all the games I've played in the latest addition of 40k I've found outflankers to be invaluable. Hardly anyone uses them (apart from nid players with stealers). The concept of having scoring units outflanking looks to be a very valuable ability, and one that shouldn't be overlooked.

    So, I'm aiming to give them a proper testing. Who knows, maybe they will suck as much as people say. But in any case they looks great fun, and Hero, Brains and Fingers from my old Last Chancer set need to get back into action.


    Primaris Psyker




    Penal Legion Squad

    Veteran Squad: 3 meltas, chimera (ML/HF), bolt pistol

    Veteran Squad: 3 meltas, chimera (ML/HF), bolt pistol

    Veteran Squad: 3 plasma guns, chimera (ML/HF), plasma pistol

    Fast Attack

    Hellhound: Multimelta

    Hellhound: Multimelta

    Heavy Support

    Lema Russ Battle tank: lascannon

    12 kill points which seems a little high for 1000 points, but otherwise I don't think its too bad. Ideally I'd have another Penal Legion squad instead of Marbo and the filling pistols, but that'll have to wait until I get one built up. I did also think about dropping the psyker and a hellhound for a CCS, but I''ll wait for opinions first.

    All comments welcome, and I'll let you know within a few weeks (as soon as I can get to GW) how I got on with them.

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    The bolt pistols look unnecessary, but I assume you have fluffy reasons for them. If you intend to field a penal legion squad, you might want to consider dropping the Primaris for a Lord Commissar to keep them in line. Penal troops and HWSs are the only place I see for them. A big draw back to the penal legion troops is their sub par leadership, the Lord Commissar helps with that.
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    You will probably need something to screen your main force. Hellhounds can do an alright job at that but you might want to consider something like sentinels. The issue with the Hellhounds is that when they can die they can cause major traffic jams/block up line of sight to the target.

    Else your enemy can get at stuff that actually matters with his close combat troops. If you can sacrifice a 35 point sentinel to keep them from your chimeras that's really important.
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