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    Need Help Creating Variant 1750pt Lists From My Mech Guard Collection?

    Iíve been playing Mech Guard for 4 months now and my list had evolved a few times to a competitive list that wins 4 out 5 games it plays, problem now is Iíve now got a selection of units which rarely get used so I would like some help in coming up with variant lists so that none of my models gather too much dust. Also Iíd like to have at least one friendly list.

    So here is my current 1750pt competitive mech guard listÖ

    Command Squad: 3 Meltaguns
    Veteran Squad: 3 Plasma guns
    X3 Veteran Squads: 3 Meltaguns
    (all in chimeras with heavy flamers)

    Veteran Squad: 3 Meltaguns
    (Mounted In Vendetta without heavy bolters)

    2 Vendettas (1 with heavy bolters)
    Banewolf: Heavy Flamer & Smoke Launchers

    2 Manticores: Heavy Flamers
    2 Hydras: Heavy Bolters
    So that what Iím currently using, now for the units Iíve converted and painted only to keep in the army caseÖ

    • Astropath, Officer Of The Fleet & Marbo

    Points better spent elsewhere

    • Veteran Squad: 3 Snipers, 1 Missile Launchers (keep in mind that I have only 5 veteran squads, not 6)
    • Chimera: Heavy Bolter & Heavy Stubber

    For home objective keeping, some games it didnít do much

    • 3 Scout Sentinels (any weapon can be fitted, can also field a 3rd but have no space for transporting it)
    • Hellhound: Heavy Flamer
    • Valkyrie: Rocket Pods

    These were outshined by the other 2 units

    • Griffon Mortar: Heavy Flamer
    • Leman Russ: Heavy Flamer (Can be setup for a demolisher, standard battle tank or the most tempting Executioner with Plasma Sponsons, the sponsons can be detached)

    Manticore beats Griffon Mortar and my leman russ battle tankís battle cannon was cursed and rarely hit anything so it was ditched, thou the 5 plasma blasts are tempting itís just finding the points.

    I would like to use these models from time to time, however Iím having a hard time coming up with other ways of using the wide selection of units I have, so Iím hoping other guard players will be able to suggest competitive and friendly variant lists?

    Any list ideas then?

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    My sense is that you're working with a kind of doctrinal disconnect. The Hydras and Manticores are static pieces, but the bulk of your troops are geared for mobility. Intuitively, it seems that your static tanks would be deepstriker bait. The Russ and the Hellhound would fit more with supporting a mobile force. This would leave your Hydras vulnerable, but they're cheap.
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    I think your troop picks will dictate the flavour of your army. Without bulking up on more men the extra hardware is just going to add a different seasoning on basically the same build. At 1750 you don't have enough bodies for a foot list or even special weapons to spice things up all that much.

    Having said that you could try a more air cavalry focus. If you were to take the valkyrie and Al'Rahem you could have a very mobile force that starts in reserve. Fill them with veterans and take inf squads with Al. Add some stormtroopers to deepstrike or outflank too and increase the costs. It'd play more like mech eldar, trying to stay at range, defeat the enemy in detail and move in to contest objectives for a late-game steal.

    Even if it's just seasoning I'd definatly give the other units a rotation in your list. Sentinels can be very powerful as a tarpit and as a way to get side/rear shots easily.
    Trying the griffon as a colossus might be fun too. They are really sweet.
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