i am currently new to warhammer i havent played a game besides the demo at the store with the space marines vs orks, i am building a 1500pt army to play with a friend who is building a chaos daemon army and its kinda intimidating so far

this is my army list and please any opinions or ideas are greatly welcome, i do have two lists so far so feel free to comment or bash w.e i am new sorry

my first go is as fallows

HQ: sm captain with bike, power fist, artificer Armour an plasma pistol - 190 pts

troops: 1 tac squad 10 men - 190 pts
1 plasma gun, 1 heavy bolter, serg storm bolter

1 tac squad 10 men - 200 pts
1 flamer, 1 plasma cannon, serg power fist

fast attack: bike squad 5 bikes + attack bike -235
serg power fist, 2 plasma gun bikers

land speeder squad 3 units -230 pts
1 typhoon missle, 1 assault cannon

heavy support: dev squad 5 men -175 pts
4 heavy bolters, serg power fist

land raider crusader, extra armour, storm bolter - 275

comes to 1495
now my other army has less squads but more bulky

HQ: marneus calgar with honour guard and artificer armour -620 pts
7 honour guard, 3 with relic blades, 2 auxiliary grenade launchers
1 chapter banner

troops: tac squad 10 men this is x2 - 420 pts
1 plasma gun, 1 plasma cannon, serg with powerfist

elite: term squad 10 men
1 cyclone launcher,1 chain-fist ,1 assault cannon -460 pts

i know the last army doesnt have alot of squads but the way i look at it there is one more guy and everyone is harder to kill and also alot better at killing and can kill more then one at a time but please give me some input