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    1750 bloodangels. for Gotacon. please critiqe.

    im planning on taking this list to a local tournament. please give any advise or tips you can think of. anything will be helpful. thanks for your time.
    could you beat this list with army you play most often?
    are there enough scoring unit/models?
    is there enough long range fire power?
    would you play against or with this list?
    is it a good list?
    14 kill points, 25 scoring models, 1750pts.

    Librarian 100 (stormraven)

    assult term. 205 (stormraven)

    Furioso dred. 175 (stormraven)
    -librarian upgrade.

    2x priest. 135
    -1xterm. (stormraven)
    -1x no upgrade (razorback)

    assult squad. 250
    -2xmelta gun

    assult squad. 250
    -2xmelta gun

    assult squad. 135
    -melta gun
    -melta bombs
    -TL heavybolters

    Stormraven 245
    -hurricane bolters
    -extra armour

    predator 135
    -auto cannon
    -las cannon sponsons

    Dreadnaught 120

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm 99.99% sure stormraven can't carry termis. Also I don't see the point of embarking a libby dread on the storm raven. Fly it accross the map with it's wings so your not stuck on the ground the turn you decide to let him loose.

    I personally am not a huge fan of termis. I would prefer vanguard vets with lightning claws or furioso dreads with blood talons for a combat unit, much more versatile and cheaper in the points section.

    Assuming I'm right about the stormraven carrying the termis then it's really going to be empty so I would probably swap the HB for Typhoon launchers. (make it a support unit)

    As an option you could cut the rhinos and razorback and split the assault squads into combat squads for more scoring units as well it splits up enemy fire more. You could keep one in the raven for a last turn objective control unit and take a third priest to toss in the others. (just an idea)

    That's all I got, at these points I like to run more then one stormraven but that's just myself. If you have the model it might be something to consider.


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