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    Semi-competitive 1700

    I'm working on a list that if find fun to play with, but which is still competitive. But I have trouble filling up the last points.

    CCS: lascannon, standard, astropath 115

    Priest: eviscerator 60 (goes in blob)

    PCS: Al'Rahem, 4 meltas 140
    Infantry squad: PW, flamer, commisar with PW 110 (combines)
    Infantry squad: PW, flamer 65 (combines)

    PCS: 2 GL's, AC 50
    Infantry squad: GL, AC 65
    Infantry squad: GL, AC 65
    Infantry squad: GL, AC 65
    HWS: mortars 60

    Veteran squad: 3 meltas 100 (go in vendetta)

    Hellhound: HB, smoke 135

    Vendetta 130

    2 S. sentinels: AC 80

    Demolisher: HF 165

    Demolisher: HF 165

    1570 points total

    The plan is to outflank with the vendetta, sentinels and Al'Rahem while the rest stands still and shoots
    So if you have an idea for the last 130 points or some minor tweaks,
    feel free to comment

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    I like this list. It's not the usual Mech Guard and yet, it's fluffy and competitive.

    You're using Rahem right but he needs more bodies in his blob. Give some thought to issuing krak grenades to his men; DEFINITELY give meltabombs to the sergeants to prevent tarpitting walkers. Rahem's PCS might be better with grenade launchers than meltas; the extra range will be useful and he'll be in position to get side/rear shots on armor.

    Here's a cute tip for a Rahem blob: bring a heavy weapons team. It can be a cheap heavy bolter or something, you aren't going to actually shoot it. What you want is the big base. If you can get that base in contact with the enemy then you can get a lot more models 'within 2 inches' as required by the rules. Static blob squads usually have HW teams but Rahem blobs generally don't; I think it's worth the extra few points to gain the additional attacks.

    I think the Veteran Squad is unnecessary. A Special Weapon squad is just as good for a skimmer ride and you have enough big guns that the meltas aren't critical.

    Lowering the Veterans to a SWS will leave maybe 200 points? That's about enough for 10 extra bodies for Rahem and a second Hellhound. Hounds will be useful in a two-front list like this; their speed is valuable and a multimelta upgrade is a good points-filler.

    Or just add more bodies. 200 points = 30 more men and plenty of grenades. That's a lot for the average enemy to handle.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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