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    1500 DH generally vs IG and SM

    This is what I came up with I generally have trouble winning with my DH but I like them alot and recently have been trying to develope new strategies:
    BC-pyscannon, targeter, 3x Termies 1x pyscannon 255pts
    5x PAGK 1x pyscannon + 1x Justicar targeter 201pts
    4x PAGK 1x Incinerator + 1x Justicar 165pts
    4x PAGK + 1x Justicar 150pts
    10x IS- Chimera (multi-laser and Heavy bolter), Flamer, Grenade Launcher, Veteran w CCW hellpistol targeter 213pts

    Heavy Support-
    Land Raider-Smoke, Extra Armor 258pts
    Land Raider-Smoke, Extra Armor 258pts

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    A casual look at your list doesn't see anything to address the big thing you will need to address against IG, which is shooting from cover with low ap weapons. Incinerators will be better against unmounted IG in cover. Against high mobility mech IG lists, you are going to get whittled to nothing. Most of your anti-transport firepower is tied up in two Land Raiders.

    Another issue to look at is that you are bringing 16 MEQ and 10 GEQ models plus 3 vehicles to a party where you are likley to face (vs a guard opponent) 50+ GEQ bodies and 9+ vehicles. To address this, you are going to need: something that can reliably punch AV 12 and a means to deal with large amounts of infantry.

    The mixed loadout on the IS squad is a bad idea. Two flamers or two GL would be better. Also the Chimera would be better served taking a hull HF insstead of the HB.

    In short, too few bodies and the wrong loadout for your intended opponents. Consider adding inquisitors with heavy weapon servitors in their retinues to provide fire support. IST are decent to increate your body count (they can take meltas to demech your opponent if memory serves). I think that in their current incarnation that PAGK are dead weight. GK termies for assault or IST and Inq henchmen for shooting.
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