Hey guys, it was my birthday on the 4th and I have been considering BA for quite a while now. So, I set out to my local hobby store in search of a drain down which to flush my £140, and I found it in these. I got a batallion, furisio librarian, astorath the grim and a stormraven, along with some nice army painter dragon red primer and devlan mud. I played around with the list a bit before finalising my design and building it. And I came up with this:

Astorath - XXX

Librarian furisio - 175
Wings of sanguinius
shield of sanguinius

Assault squad - 115

Death company - 280
2 more men
Jump packs
plasma pistol
power weapon

Tactical squad - 230
5 more men
plasma gun
missile launcher

Storm raven - 230
hurricane bolters
plasma cannon

The plan is that Astorath and the death company go in the storm raven and obliterate anything and everything, and the libby dread goes on the back to provide a bubble and help them in the fight, maybe pop a few tanks and monsterous creatures with the blood fist and force weapon respectively. The assault squad DoA's behind any enemy armour, which there should be very little of at this point level, and then contributes to the death company. The tactical squad follow the storm raven and shoot at the DC's target(s) to soften it up a bit. Any suggestions? Bear in mind, however, that this is all stuck together so I can't change unit options, so just suggest adding to units and taking away reasonable things from others e.g. taking away 2 tactical squad members. Thanks!