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    Senior Member MightisRight's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
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    25 (x2)

    2000pt SW infantry list

    This is my first attempt at a SW list. I haven't got the models yet so there's a lot of room for change.

    Wolf lord - 250
    ** * Thunderwolf*
    ** * Frost axe
    ** * Storm shield
    ** * Saga of the warrior born
    ** * Wolftooth necklace
    ** * Melta bombs

    Rune priest - 180
    ** * Terminator armour
    ** * Master of runes
    ** * Chooser of the slain

    Dreadnought - 150
    ** * Underslung heavy flamer
    ** * Twin-linked heavy flamer
    ** * Drop pod

    10 wolf guard - 575
    ** * 2X power weapon and plasma pistol
    ** * 1X power fist and bolt pistol
    ** * 1X frost axe, bolt pistol and Melta bombs
    ** * 1X wolf claw and heavy flamer
    ** * Arjac Rockclaw
    4X terminator armour w/:
    ** *1X 2 wolf claws
    ** * 2X chain-fist and storm bolter
    ** * 1X power weapon, storm bolter and cyclone missile launcher

    5 wolf scouts - 80
    Melta bombs

    15 *blood claws - 240
    ** * 1X power weapon
    ** * 1X flamer

    5 grey hunters - 115
    ** * plasma gun
    ** * Power weapon
    ** * MotW

    5 grey hunters - 115
    ** * plasma gun
    ** * Power weapon
    ** * MotW

    15 fenrisian wolves - 128
    ** * Cyberwolf

    5 long fangs - 165
    ** * 2X plasma cannon
    ** * 2X lascannon


    Each unit has a specific role. Most of the guard go straight for the biggest tank or creature they can find, dreadnought burns everything in heavy cover, hunters shoot/assault all elite units and blood claws & wolves attack all hordes/troops. Claw guard goes with blood claws, missile launcher guard goes with long fangs, lord goes with wolves and other guard might split off as I deem necessary.

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    LO Zealot watchwood's Avatar
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    185 (x4)

    Honestly dude, you're blowing waaaay too many points on upgrades that you really don't need. Remember that you're playing Space Marines, and that pretty well any unit you have can at least do a decent job of taking on tanks *and* infantry. Since your dread is the only vehicle you have, it;s going to die horribly on the first turn. Also, you don't have remotely enough troops for a 2k list. Consider the following:

    -Rune Priest, LL, Storm Caller
    -Rune Priest, Meltabombs, LL, Tempests Wrath
    -5x Wolf Scouts, Meltagun
    -5x Wolf Scouts, Meltagun
    -10x Wolf Guard, 5x Combi-Melta, 5x Combi-Plasma
    -10x Grey Hunters, 2x Meltaguns, Power Weapon, Wolf Standard
    -10x Grey Hunters, 2x Meltaguns, Power Weapon, Wolf Standard
    -10x Grey Hunters, 2x Meltaguns, Power Weapon, Wolf Standard
    -6x Grey Hunters, Plasma Gun
    -6x Grey Hunters, Plasma Gun
    -2x Thunderwolves, Storm Shield, Power Fist (Separate models)
    -2x Thunderwolves, Storm Shield, Power Fist (Separate models)
    -5x Long Fangs, 4x Missile Launchers
    -5x Long Fangs, 4x Missile Launchers
    -5x Long Fangs, 4x Missile Launchers

    The Wolf Guard get dispersed throughout the rest of the army - melta guys to the scouts and melta hunters, plasma guys to the long fangs and plasma hunters. The Rune Priests will also go sit with the plasma hunters. Between all the long fangs and the 2 guys with Living Lighting, you've got quite a few shots going downrange to crack open enemy transports. The Priest units are even mobile, since LL is an assault power.

    The Long fangs can sit in the back and put 12 missiles downrange per turn, against separate targets of needed. Don't underestimate the missile launcher, either. It's cheap, and good against both tanks *and* vehicles.

    You've also got some sizable units of Thunderwolves, Wolf Scouts, and Grey Hunters for moving up and causing trouble. Unless your board is completely barren, they can use cover and move up just fine.

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    Senior Member SheBeast76's Avatar
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    34 (x2)

    Grey hunters :

    1. I'd stick with the 10~man packs, since this is a slogging list.

    2. For generalizing in an all~comers list, I take the MotW over a power weapon.

    3. I'd give the wolf guard terminator armor in this case, as they can soak up incoming fire. You can also be nasty in giving 1 in 5 a CML. Combi~meltas and power fists still apply, unless you can spare points for chainfists.

    4. Every pack with two meltaguns.

    5. Wolf banners.

    Long Fangs :

    1. Take them in packs of 6, if you can.

    2. A good choice to be led By a WG in terminator armor/CML.

    3. Always MLs. Always.

    Rune Priests :

    1. Look into WTNs, and improving their armor saves.

    2. At least one RP should have the CotS.

    Not a big fans of thunderwolf cavalry, as they're expensive to protect and any opponent worth their salt won't let them live for long.

    Scouts are one time shots, usually, but can get the job done before they go to the Great Hall in the sky. I love giving one the MotW, and watch the horror on a Tau player's face as he chews through his suits! XD

    Just my womanly advice
    Last edited by SheBeast76; February 12th, 2011 at 08:21. Reason: Can't spell for ***

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