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    Black Templar 1750pts list

    Okay first thing to point out, this is my first SM list. I'm a long time guard player.
    Secondly I think that the black templars codex is perfect for my armys fluff which i
    will post soon.

    HQ- 595pts

    Marshal- 180pts
    Single Lightning claw, Master Crafted plasma pistol, Artificer Armour,
    Holy orb of antioch, Terminator Honours.

    Command Squad (six marines)- 196pts
    Apothocary, Banner Bearer, Champion, Melta X2,
    Terminator Honours (Sgt only), Combi-Flamer (Sgt)
    (Goes with the Marshal)

    Combat Shield, Frag Granades, krak Granades, Bolt Pistol
    (Goes with Sword Brethren)

    Emporors Champion- 110pts
    Abore The Witch


    Crusader Squad (8 Marines) X2- 372pts
    Power Weapon X2, Melta X2, Frags X16
    Drop Pod X2- 60

    Crusader Squad (8 Marines)-186
    Melta, Missle Launcher, Frag X8
    Drop Pod


    Sword Brethren (6 Marines)-287pts
    Terminator Honours, Storm Shield and CC weapon X4,
    Lightning Claws, Flamer, Crusader Seals X6
    Drop Pod

    Venerable Dreadnought-150pts
    Hvy Flamer, Extra Armour, Tank Hunter

    Fast Attack-160pts

    Land Speeder Tornado X2-160pts

    Any help would be greatly appretiated

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    First of all, think about how many points you are spending in your HQ!
    Though the Emperor's Champion doesn't take up an HQ slot, it does count towards the mandatory 1HQ choice, so you don't really need anything more than that. give him Accept any challenge no matter the odds. @ 140pts he's more than sufficient.

    Your crusader squads can make do with what they got, but that last squad with the ML isn't a good pick mate. if you use droppods, you go for close range firepower. The Ml is best off to start on the board so you have a bit of long range shooting. Keep in mind as well, that your units can't charge the turn they pod in, so you'd best revise these units.

    Drop the sword brethren, they aren't worth their points.

    the dread with tank hunter would be better off with a lascannon instead. if it sitsback and shoots, you could even drop the EA. if you want to get him up close as fast as possible, give him a drop pod and a MM

    Don't spend points on these tornado speeders with an assault cannon. take typhoon speeders @ 70pts a piece. They are cheaper and much more effective

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