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    1500 space marines.

    so here it is. what do you think i need please pick apart. by the way terminators must stay. also there is 190 pts left over. what should i spend it on?

    Space Marine Librarian – 190
    Terminator with Storm Shield, Epistolary, The Avenger, Might of the Ancients
    Terminator Assault Squad – 450
    5 Terminators, 3 with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield 2 with lightning claws.
    Dedicated Transport: Land Raider Redeemer with Muti-Melta
    Tactical Squad – 210
    10 marines, meltagun, Missile Launcher, Rhino
    Tactical Squad – 210
    10 marines, meltagun, Missile Launcher, Rhino
    Vindicator – 125
    Siege Shield
    Vindicator – 125
    Siege Shield

    Total – 1310

    thanks for reading.

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    With your list, you want to get up close and personal with those terminators as fast as you can. In order to do so, you would need some extra long range shooting in order to take out the units that pose a threat to your LR. in your list you're lacking in this long range shooting.

    You're spending a rather large amount of points in your hq. My librarian is as much in my list for its psychic hood as for using its powers. I rarely make him an epistolary given the points you need for it.
    The termies and the raider are good, though it can be a bit hard to get to fire both of those flamestorm cannons.
    Your tacs are good, but the sargeants would really need a special weapon like a PowerFist. A combibolter can be handy on this guy as well, but only if points allow.
    The ML wants to keep its distance, while the meltagun want to get close so its best to split these two from each other. You could always upgrade the rhino to a razorback for some extra firepower. sarge, meltagun and 3 bolter marines charge forward with the razorback, while the ML stays behind with 4 wounds.
    I'd drop the siege shield on the vindi's. points best spent elsewhere.

    You could really use some more long range firepower in this list to pop light AV like transports and to give some long range suppression fire. a couple of rifleman dreads would be nice if you can shoe them in. Otherwise there is always the predator with AC/HB or the ever reliable Typhoon speeders.

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