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    BA list ...somthing odd?

    ok so i have been playing around once again with a list...now i have not tested it on the table top but i have play tested it a little and it seems good. but as always im looking for tweeks... i know it will seem like a odd list but it looks fun.

    reclusiarch , jp 155

    honor squad(champion, standerd berer chapter banner, 2 x pw, 2 x melta, pf, ifp, 2x ss) 330

    librarian , jp 125


    10 assault, 2 melta, pf, jp 235
    10 assault, 2 melta, pw, jp 225
    8 death company, bolters,pf, drop pod 220
    death company dread 125


    Sang priest jp,pw 90
    sang priest, terminator armor pw 85

    terminators assault, 2xth/ss, 3x lc 210


    storm raven 200

    ok so i have been messing around with the crazyness of rage as of late with the death company. maybe its better to use them more for a disruption then anything else. so im dropping mine in to get just mauled by armies while the rest of my army comes screaming across the table. now granted yes i know a vanguard squad might be better, however if the crazies do survive or are left alone then all the sudden you got 8 crazy FNP / FC guys in your lines shooting the back of your transports or assulting them with a powerfist. now you say <" but teplicuss, you tool, what about skimmers leeding you around?"...ever shot a light skimmer or bikes with bolters? when rapid fire goes off, they tend to lose some weapons and even become imobilized. so no more running all game. just an idea

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    Looks fun. It is obviously not meant to be competitive so i would just put your favourite units in.
    I would probably have sanguinary guard instead of the honour guard jut cos they look cooler. Also i would get rid pf the terminators and terminator armour on the priest to get 2 Baal predators.

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