Hey folks,

I've only played friendly games up until now, but with a big tournament coming up after Easter I entered to see what the experience is like. I've played and enjoyed competitive tournaments in other games. As a newcomer I don't expect to place, but at least I'd like to avoid being tabled too often. :p

I'm likely to go with a Master of the Forge based army, as I like my conversion, love Dreadnoughts, and don't have much heavy support in my collection. It would be great to see some suggestions about how to build around MotF and Dreadnoughts.

I also preference models that have already been painted, as I don't have a huge amount of time to paint an entire army.

Here's what I've got:


Master of the Forge - 120
Conversion Beamer

Space Marine Captain - 115
Power weapon and boltgun

Chaplain - 115
Jump pack


2x Tactical Squad - 205 each
10 Marines, ML and flamer, Rhino

Scout Squad - 85
5 Scouts, incl heavy bolter


Sternguard Veterans - 145
5 Veterans, 4x combi-melta

Dreadnought - 145
Lascannon, missile launcher

Dreadnought - 105
Multi-melta, DCCW, storm bolter

Techmarine - 90
Boltgun, power weapon, servo-harness

Servitors - 95
2x servo-arm, 2x heavy bolter
If using both MotF and a Techmarine, I'd probably split these into two 2-model units so that each gets one. Saves 5 points, too!


Assault Squad - 160
5 models; sergeant has power fist/plasma pistol/melta bombs; one model has a plasma pistol

Vanguard Veterans - 220
5 models; TH+SS, power weapon, rest have chainswords; jump packs

Bike Squad - 105
3 models; sergeant has plasma pistol

That's over 1800 points, but maybe not a selection of units that will work great together.

I also have the following units assembled and undercoated; I could probably get a few of these painted by the end of April:


Captain Cato Sicarius - 200

Space Marine Captain - 143
jump pack, power sword, storm bolter

Command Squad - 200/300
Magnetised for bikes or foot; Company Champion, Apothecary, Company Standard w power fist, two Veterans w power weapons; two bikes equipped with melta bombs.

Librarian - 130
Terminator armour, stormbolter


Vast amounts of Tactical Marines with a variety of gear

5x Sniper Scouts - 100
Sniper rifles, 1x ML, camo cloaks

Sergeant Telion - 50


1x extra Rhino
1x Drop Pod


Terminator Squad
6x regular, 2x storm bolter/chainfist, 1x heavy flamer /chainfist, 1x assault cannon/chainfist, 1x missile launcher

Assault Terminator Squad
4x TH/SS, 6x LCs

Sternguard Veterans
Powerfist/bolter/melta bomb, 2x heavy bolter, 2x combimeltas, 2x combiplasma, 1x combiflamer, 2x magnetised combiwhatever, 3x storm bolter, 2x boltguns.

Venerable Dreadnought - 175
Plasma cannon, DCCW+storm bolter

Dreadnought - 125
Assault cannon, DCCW+flamer


Lots of Assault Marines

Vanguard Veterans - 270
3x power fists, lightning claw, 2x power weapon, all with jump packs


Available are 2x lascannon, 1x plasmacannon, 3x heavy bolter, sergeant has powerfist/melta bomb. Can draft in regular marines and MLs from Tacticals.

Predator - 165/175
Twin-linked lascannon, lascannon sponsons; removable pintle-mounted storm bolter. About half painted.

That's everything! Obviously I'm a bit light on mech but I just don't find it as interesting. I'd rather run Dreadnoughts as heavy support to maximise my Elite options.

Any thoughts?