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    NOOB ALERT! First BA list

    Hey, first 40k list comin at ya here. I play Warmachine and I'm not used to this many options when making lists! Well I'll give it a go and maybe the pros can give me some tips and tell me if I'm doin it right

    Captain - Powerfist, Jumpack 150

    Assault squad - 2X Meltagun, Powerfist, 235
    Tac squad - Missle, Melta, Rhino 225

    Predator - Bolter Sponsons 100

    Sang Priest - Jumpack, goes with Assualt squad 75
    Furioso Dreadnaught - 2 Dread Fisters, Melta, Storm Bolter 125

    Landspeeder - Typhoon Missles 90

    1000 points

    Thats all i got, no real strategies yet cause I haven't played yet, but I think I got a little of everything in there. Would this list be good for beginners to learn and even compete with?

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    Well first, welcome to warhammer. I have tampered with warmachine myself, but having played warhammer first I got bored of the lack of options. To start, some basics of blood angels:
    -They like it hard and fast, so try to move at least 12" a turn using transports and jump packs
    -Assault squads, vanguard veterans and death company can deep strike more easily thanks to descent of angels, so make good use of this
    -Sang priests are a must; they provide a massive survival boon in the FnP
    -Anti-tank is a must, as infantry will get torn apart by tanks
    -Dreadnoughts are very good, try to go for units that are specialised for anti-infantry

    As for tactics, what do you like? Do you prefer an all-out assault, assault with ranged suppourt, close raged firefight, or a mixture? Anyway, let's go onto the list.

    HQ - Captain's aren't very good to be honest, I would take a librarian with a jump pack and infernus pistol and pychic powers shield of sanguinius and sanguinius' sword; so you have something similar to a captain but with a 5+ cover save in the open due to the shield, strength 10 attacks thanks to sword and a short-ranged anti-tank gun. All for 10 points less, too.

    TROOPS - Assuming by the cost that they're 10 man squads, looks OK. The only thing I would consider is giving the tactical squad meltabombs to deal with dreadnoughts, which is doable with the savings on the captain.

    ELITES - Good good. However, with the amount of anti-tank already in the list, the furisio might be better off with blood talons.

    FAST ATTACK - Very nice, not much else to say.

    HEAVY SUPPOURT - Good, again not much else I can say about this one.

    Tactics - For this list, there is a quite obvious tactic. The captain/librarian should go with the assault squad and deepstrike with descent of angels behind any enemy armour. The land speeder and tactical squad in rhino should rush up and shoot stuff, softening things up for the assault squad to assault when they are done killing vehicles. The priest should try to be within range of the tactical squad and assault squad, but stay out of units as not to draw too much attention. He should join in the final push with the assault squad. The furisio, with fleet, should follow through the tactical squad. The land speeder can turbo-boost to get to where it needs to be, and then let loose and aid the tactical squad.

    There you go, some tactics. PM me if you need any additional info!
    "Victory is sweet, blood is sweeter." - Aun'Vre

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