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    Space wolf army help!!!

    I have the following models, with these models make as strong a list as you can 1500 points with wysiwyg as much as possible. If you are up to the task I thank you.

    model list
    - njal with terminator armor
    - 2 terminators with th ss
    - terminator with frost axe ss
    - terminator with chain fist and heavy flamer
    - Lukas the Trickster (can be used as watever) plas pistol wolf claw
    - power armor model with frost axe
    - 9 wolf scouts with bolt pistols
    - wolf scout with melta gun
    - 14 grey hunters with bolters
    - 3 grey hunters with melta gun
    - grey hunter with plasma gun
    - 2 grey hunters with powerfists
    - 7 blood claws with bolt pistols
    - blood claw with flamer
    - blood claw with powerfist
    - 2 rhinos
    - 2 drop pods
    - 5 fenresian wolves
    - land speeder with heavy flamer and multi melta
    - 4 long fangs with missile launchers
    - 4 long fangs with heavy bolters
    - long fang leader with bolt pistol

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    89 (x2)

    Rune Priest [110 points]
    -Chooser of the Slain, Living Lightning, Storm Caller

    Wolf Scouts x8 [125 points]
    -Melta Gun
    Wolf Gaurd x3 [124 points]
    -2 Power fist w/ Combi Melta (Use the Grey Hunters w/ Fists), 1 Wolf Claw/Combi Plasma (Use Lukas),
    Wolf Guard x4 [257 points]
    - Terminator Armor x4, TH/SS x2, CF/Heavy Flamer, Frost Axe, Pod

    Grey Hunters x8 [185 points]
    -Melta Gun, Power Weapon, Banner, Rhino
    Grey Hunters x9 [200 points]
    -Melta Gun, Power Weapon, Banner, Rhino
    Grey Hunter x9 [150 points] (use the blood claws as stand-ins)
    -Plasma Gun, Banner

    Land Speeder [70 points]
    -Heavy Flamer, Multi Melta
    Fenrisian Wolves x5 [40 points]

    Long Fangs x5 [115 points]
    -4 Missile Launchers
    Long Fangs x5 [115 points]
    -4 Missile Launchers (You are going to have to proxy here)

    The total is 1491. I think it's about the best you can hope for with your current model set.
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