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    IG Mech-Infantry Hybrid, 1500pts

    Hello All, please critique the following!

    HQ CCS 4 Grenade Launchers Chimera 125

    Troops 10 Veterans 3 Meltaguns Chimera 155

    Troops 10 Veterans 3 Meltaguns Chimera 155

    Troops Infantry Platoon

    PCS, Mortar, Chenkov 85

    Infantry Squad Autocannon, Plasma Gun 75

    Infantry Squad Autocannon, Plasma Gun 75

    Infantry Squad Autocannon , Plasma Gun 75

    Fast Attack 2 Scout Sentinels, Autocannons, Hunter Killers 100

    Heavy Support 2 Leman Russ Vanquishers , Lascannons 340

    Heavy Support Leman Russ Demolisher with Heavy Flamer 165

    Heavy Support Leman Russ with Heavy Flamer 150

    I'm not so sure about the last Leman Russ, I think I might swap it for two Hydras, I have two spare Chimera chassis, but only having one pie-plate is quite sad. Perhaps a manticore instead?

    I'm aware not everyone likes the vanquisher, but I figure a squadron of two should really be able to nullify just about any one vehicle they can see per-turn (hopefully), problem is I've never used them so I don't really know (and BS3 is rubbish). Would a single Exterminator with Pask be a better alternative? I like the idea of long range tankbusting, there's only so much meltas can do before getting counter-charged.

    I'm also considering dropping the CCS completely, they don't really add much to the list beyond their chimera, which I'd rather give to chenkov so he can hide more effectively, ensuring his stubborn-bubble doesn't vanish. The primaris psyker seems more appealing as an HQ, but this list lacks a unit that would go with him (Harker-vets ideally)


    If I've replied, i've probably used Italics...

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    If you get rid of the CCS, you will need to replace them with another HQ choice. I'm of the opinion that bringing 4 special weapons plasmaguns for expample) and a light tank/transport to the table is quite lethal, but to each their own.

    I question giving the expensive plasmaguns to BS3 troopers. This is a better investment in vets with BS4 or even your CCS which are also BS4. I think that a grenade launcher is a better choice for infantry squads.

    Vanquishers are extremely point inefficient. If you absolutely must have str 10 ranged AT go with Medusas as they are cheaper and do the same thing with a template, which will slightly increase your accuracy. Demolishers lack the range but are scarier and will draw fire away from your chimelta units. Consider also the Devil Dog with a hull MM, better armor penetration with +1 on the damage chart. It lacks the range of the Vanquisher but is a fast vehicle.

    I think that I would drop the Vanquishers to pick up the pair of Hydras and a Devil Dog with a hull MM.
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