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    2000 Fluffy Lamenters

    Alright, I've been out of the game for years and I'm making a comeback with my first smurf army, The Emo Marines! I kid, I kid.....I really like their story. I tried to frame the style of the army on their fluff following their near destruction after they ran into Hive Fleet Kraken. There are supposedly only 3 companies left and their whereabouts are unknown. I will model them as very weathered, with some Nid tusks/heads as trophies for my termies and some acid scarring etc. I want them to look like the limping remnants of the order continuing on their penitant crusade.

    Without further adieu:


    Chaplain: Terminator Armor, Rozarius and Storm Bolter


    Venerable Dreadnought: Assault Cannon, DCCW with Storm Bolter

    Ironclad Dreadnought: Chainfist with Heavy Flamer, DCCW with Heavy Flamer

    Assault Terminators: 4 Paired Lightning Claws, 3 TH/SS


    Assault Marines: BP/CCW x7, PP/CCW x2, Sergeant with Powerfist

    Assault Marines: BP/CCW x7, PP/CCW x2, Sergeant with Powerfist


    Tactical Squad: Bolters x9, 1 Missile Launcher

    Tactical Squad: Bolters x9, 1 Missile Launcher

    Tactical Squad: Bolters x9, 1 Missile Launcher


    Land Raider Crusader: Extra Armor

    Total: 2000

    Style/Tactics: The Lamenters may not have been infected with the Black Rage or Red Thirst like their BA brethren but Sanguinus is still an influence, so this army is very in-your-face. I know the Tactical Squads are stripped clean; they serve only as a base of fire. Hopefully they'll be largely ignored because the rest of the army is scary and they'll saunter up to objectives in the second half to score.

    I'd really like some input on TH/SS to LC ratio in the termies and loadout for the Assault Marines.

    Ultimately, this isn't a tournament army. I'm ok with losses and draws. I want it to be fun to play with and against; that said, tear it apart!

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