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Thread: 2k Vulkan List

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    2k Vulkan List

    Well I have vanilla marines, with Razorback spam previously. I recently received Vulkan as a gift and have been considering buying 2 drop pods, land raider redeemer, and 2 land speeders to tweak a list I've been considering at 2k.

    • Vulkan
    • 5 Assault Terminators (All TH/SS, Land raider redeemer dedicated transport)
    • Ironclad Dreadnought (Meltagun/Heavy Flamer/Drop pod)
    • Ironclad Dreadnought (Meltagun/Heavy Flamer/Drop pod)
    • 10 Man tac squad (Power weapon/Combi Melta/Meltagun/Missile launcher with Razorback TL HB transport)
    • 10 Man tac squad (Power weapon/Combi Melta/Meltagun/Missile launcher with Razorback TL HB transport)
    • 5 Man Tac squad (Power weapon with Razorback TL HB transport)
    • Land speeder (MM/Heavy Flamer)
    • Land speeder (MM/Heavy Flamer)
    • Vindicator
    • Vindicator
    Thoughts? I know i could probably spam more melta and flamer, but wanted some balance. Figured the vindicator, redeemer, and flaming dreadnaughts covered my need for horde, my thunder hammer assault termies with Vulkan inside a landraider with extra armor gives me a nasty CC specialist, my land speeders, melta guns, and such give me anti armor...

    Btw, the reason I chose missile launchers is I plan to combat squad into the razorbacks and those missile will sit on the back of the table likely, so needed range. Had considered 2 tac squads in rhinos with meltagun, multimelta and a combi melta...basically charge forward pop smoke, and command a large bubble of (I dare you to come at me)...not sure though...was torn. Nice part was you can shoot from inside the rhino, my guys have to get OUT to shoot in a razorback. Plus...10 vehicles either way...mwa ha ha!

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