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    1750 Space Wolves Tournament List

    In 10 days from now I am playing my first 40k tournament at my local gw with my spaces wolves. It will be 1750 points and I know there will probably be: hybrid guard, blood angels, vanilla marines, daemons, eldar. For what I am going up against and in general do you guys think this is a strong list.

    -Rune Priest- termie armor, living lightning, tempest's wrath
    -Wolf Lord- terminator armor, thunder hammer, storm shield, saga of the bear

    -Wolf Guard x5- Arjac Rockfist; termie armor, frost axe, storm shield; termie armor chain fist, heavy flamer; power armor, plas pistol, wolf claw; power armor, frost axe; drop pod
    -Wolf Scouts x7- meltagun

    -Grey Hunters x8- plas gun, powerfist, drop pod
    -Grey Hunters x9- meltagun, powerfist, rhino
    -Grey Hunters x9- meltagun, powerfist, rhino

    Fast Attack
    -Land Speeder- multi melta, heavy flamer

    Heavy Support
    -Long Fangs x5- 2 missile launchers, 2 heavy bolters
    -Long Fangs x5- 2 missile launchers, 2 heavy bolters

    1750 Points

    The rune priest goes with the grey hunters in the drop pod and comes in turn 1 on top of a mid board objective. The power armor wolf guard attach to the grey hunters in rhinos. The wolf lord goes with the terminator wolf guard in the drop pod who come in from reserve where ever needed. What do you guys think?

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    I would drop the 4 heavy bolters and give your long fangs all missile launchers, it will work out better. besides form that not much else if you wanted to keep that base. If not, drop the wolf lord and change the wolf guard set up for power fist and melta for each grey hunter squad, drop the rest and save some points. Just chuck in more rune priests. Besides form that looks good

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