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    1850 All-Infantry Blood Angels

    The Sanguinor-

    Elites- 500
    Sanguinary Guard Squad Exemplar- 275
    Death Masks
    2 Infernus Pistols
    Chapter Banner

    Sanguinary Priests Arturo, Santonius, Marrius- 225
    Jump packs

    Troops- 1075
    Assault Squad Furious- 235
    10 Marines
    2 Meltas
    Sgt. Cremona w/Power Fist

    Assault Squad Oblivion- 235
    10 Marines
    1 Flamer, 1 Plasma gun
    Sgt. Stradvarian w/Power Fist

    Assault Squad Repressor- 235
    10 Marines
    2 Meltas
    Sgt. Enesco w/Power Fist

    Tactical Squad Immovable- 180
    10 Marines
    Missile Launcher, Flamer
    Sgt. Nihilus w/ Combi-Melta

    Tactical Squad Steadfast- 190
    Heavy Bolter, Plasma gun
    Sgt. Efraim w/Combi-Melta

    Total- 1850

    Basic plan is to use the Sanguinor and the Sanguinary guard to get tied up with the nearest high point unit and tie it up. The Sanguinor is tough to kill, and with the SG's help, I might get some good results out of it. The Sanguinary Priests will of course, get together with the assault units and be the primary punch of the army. The two tactical squads will split and cap objectives, shooting up targets of opportunity. All units have good anti-armor capabilities. The alternative is to use Dante and a super shooty honor guard (instead of SG) unit as a bit unit popper, using a precision drop to hit tanks/HQ in the back. Anyway, all comments appreciated.

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    If you use your 4 jump pack squads in pairs you can use 2 priests to give them the FNP/FC bonuses leaving the third to plod around with the tac squads. Drop the jump pack from this guy. This could add PW or single L-claw to the two jumping priests.

    I would keep the sang guard a bit cheaper such as 2 infernus pistols and a single PF. Assault squad Oblivion should take 2 flamers. Tac squad should take better weapons for fire support such as lascannon, plasma cannon and plasma guns. Or make one tac squad close range fire support with a PW as insurance and stick them in a drop pod to link up with the jumping guys.
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