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    First Ever Space Wolves Army List Criticism WANTED

    just started playing wolves. im trying to create an army list that i like and will also be decent to play with in games. ive played for a while but the last time i made an army list waswhen i was pretty young and it sucked.
    my army consists of:
    2 rune priests with runic armour,storm bolter, wof tooth neclace and talisman, chooser of the slain
    both of the priests have storm caller. one of them has living lightning while the other has murdrous hurricane.

    5 wolf guard
    terminator armour, 3 power fists, wolf claw, assault cannon, chainfist

    3 land speeder tornadoes all with multi meltas on top and heavy bolters below

    2 10 man grey hunter squads with wolf standard meltagun, powerfist

    2 10 man blood claw squads, one with lukas the trickster

    thats 1501 pts

    if there any any really big problems with the list please post comments

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    looks great actually, personally i would give the wolf guard a drop pod and drop the assault cannon for a cyclone missle launcher, and more than likely replace both the blood claw sqauds with gray hunters. also mark of the wulfen is worth all the points you have, very nice especally when used with the wolf standard.

    kind of picky of me but the landspeeders would be replaced with predators or long fangs as they just seem more durably to me, aside from that the list is great and i would like to challange it with my own 1500 point list!

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    Agreed with 90% of what Vulcan said. I would however choose the Long Fangs over the Predator. Also, Lukas the Trickster, however cool he may look on paper, is a complete "fail" in game terms. In other words he isn't worth the points. By droping the Blood Claws, you can add in another unit of Grey Hunters, and 2 squads of Long Fangs!
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