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    2000 point Imperial Guard – Mechanized – Tournament Play

    2000 point Imperial Guard – Mechanized – Tournament Play

    HQ (1)

    CCS 4xmelta, Master of Ord, Power Fist (190pt)
    in dedicated Chimera with MLas and HBolter
    Troops (4)
    2x vets squads (demolitions) 3x melta (420pt)
    Serg with Power Fist
    in dedicated Chimera with MLas, HFlamer and HStubber
    2x vets squads 3x melta (230pt)
    Serg with Power Fist
    Usually deployed in Vendettas listed below
    Fast Attack (3)
    Vendetta (130pt)
    Vendetta (130pt)
    3x Scout Sentinel (105pt)
    Elites (1)
    Guardsman Marbo (65pt)
    Heavy support (1)
    2x Leman Russ Battle Tank (300pt)
    Leman Russ Demolisher with PC Sponsors and HStubber (215pt)
    Leman Russ Demolisher with PC Sponsors and HStubber (215pt)

    This is what I am considering playing at a 2000 point, 3 round tournament. Aard Boyz scoring, all 3 standard deployments and all 3 standard missions will be played in those three rounds, but the mission/deployment pairings will be random.

    The plan is to screen the tanks with the Chimeltas, Sentinels, and CCS. The CCS will be the last unit used to screen, to give the Master of Ordinance time to pay for himself. The Vendettas will most likely not deep strike, but hang off on the sides and plink till their Vet Squads are needed for armor removal, scoring/contesting or additional screening. The Chimelta Vet Squads have Demolitions to really hit opposing deep strike/drop-pod/outflank/etcs. If its a vehicle, they face 10x melta-bombs. If its a squad, the demo charge. The Sergeants and CC have Power fists to maximize their squad’s assault chances. Guardsman Marbo fills the role usually performed by a deep striking storm trooper squad with 2 meltas. I like the random threat and improved precision he provides for a fairly low cost.

    The meta game is generally, but not overwhelmingly, mechanized. I expect to see Armored Spearhead SM, Cult of Speed, Space Wolves, Sisters, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Chaos SM, Mech and blob IG and Blood Angels. Currently I am most afraid of Deep striking builds, but if I adjust much more against them, I weaken my long game. I may have already gone too far.

    I do not currently have access to hydras or medusaes. I will be making and tweaking a few dream lists with these later to decide how many of each I should pick up. For now, if you suggest them, please also suggest an alternative as well. Thanks all

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    Without going into too much detail, this list is unfocused and inefficient. It uses a number of upgrades that are of minimal utility at the expense of better options. There seems to be little synergy between the different elements that support a coherent strategy.

    Sponsons are just bad. Don't do it.

    Squadroning the tanks is also a dubious choice.

    I have no idea why anyone would pay for stubbers.

    This list does not have the bodies to support a vendetta delivered alpha strike and stands a good chance of being out of scoring units by turn 2 or 3.

    Marbo is a tactical distraction and of minimal utility at this point level, as your opponent will have the bodies to absorb the demo charge w/o being significantly impaired.

    Putting a stationary HQ in a chimera is silly. Lose either the Chimera or the MoO on the CCS, there is no sense in paying for both.

    Spending points on CC upgrades for guardsmen is a questionable proposition at best.

    My advice? Develop a strategy and build a list to execute it. Try it, and then fine tune based on your results. A read through of Sandwyrm's list building primer might be helpful as well.

    the back 40k: The 4 Things Every 40K Army Needs To Have
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