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    1750 Tournament List, First Time

    This is my first time on the forum and I have a tourney coming up so I was hoping to get a little advice on the list I have so far-

    avenger and might of the ancients
    Terminator Armour
    Storm bolter

    Tac Squad
    9 Marines
    1 Sgt w/PW
    missle launcher

    Tac Squad
    9 Marines
    1 Sgt w/PW
    missle launcher
    Razorback or Rhino....

    Scout Squad
    3 snipers
    1 Missle Launcher
    1 Sgt Sniper
    Camo Cloaks

    Terminator Squad
    5 Terminators
    1 Sgt
    assault cannon

    Venerable Dreadnaught
    Heavy Flamer
    Extra Armour
    Drop Pod

    extra armour
    (termies inside)

    Siege Shield
    Dozer blade
    Extra Armour

    I think thats about it, sorry that I dont have points up with these, I dont have my codex on me, but i've written this list out quite often and the points are pretty close to 1750 right now, varying by what equipment is on what.

    Any comments are welcome

    Thank you

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    How many players are in this tournament? If it's more than 8-10 you can expect to see a lot of rival MEQ so I'd make sure you can handle Space Wolves and Blood Angels before rolling in.

    Give your Libby Null Zone and something else, gate and Vortex are both good. Null Zone is one of the better powers in the game, use it and see.

    Tactical Squads should always have a Fist, it far outperforms the PW against almost all opponents. Meltas are also better than Flamers. You have Bolters for Hordes, get guns for other unit types. If you can put them all in Razorbacks as the extra firepower is better then the whole unit holding hands.

    Scouts are a little bit of a point waste, the ML is nice but it has an unreliable BS and Snipers aren't so good. I'd lose these.

    Terminators LOVE a Gate Libby, especially if they're all TH/SS. Such a unit gives you great in your face power and can absorb punishment for days which is something this list lacks. If you have the models, I'd go for that.

    If you want the Dread to Pod in, make him an Ironclad. With proper placement he has better survivability than a Ven Dread and is cooler to boot. HF and Melta makes him adapt at all tasks for a nice pricetag.

    I assume the Land Raider is a basic one. I like the Crusader a bit more but dual Lascannons is never a bad thing with so much AV12 running around. Try to grab the MM.

    Dozer Blades do nothing when the model has a Siege Shield, might want to read your upgrades. Extra Armor isn't a good upgrade either, it really has no reason to move when not shooting. Just pop smoke and sit there. I'd try to get another Vindie if you can but other things are more important and look to be gobbling up your points.

    Hope that helps.
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