I recently started 40k tabletop with some friends and, being a sucker for the Badass Normal, I naturally picked up Imperial Guard. Now, I'm not trying to win tournaments or get into one-up battles by making tailored lists to counter theirs, but I am looking for input on building a viable and thematic army.


Company Command Squad
Plasma Gun (x4)

Veterans (x2)
Plasma Gun (x3)

Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad

Infantry Squad (x3 - using Combined Squad rule)
Flamer x3
Lascannon x3

Fast Attack:
Vendetta (x3)

Heavy Support:
Medusa (x3)
Bastion Breacher Shells
Heavy Stubber

Total: 1500
CCS and Veterans deploy in the Vendettas. This was done for theme, but outside of a dedicated Air Cavalry list it seems like their deployment would be tricky. Rather than the usual tactic of suicide-charging them forward to deploy Melta Vets, I plan to use them as gunships until I see a good opportunity to drop their troops where they'll be the most effective - Into the enemy's flank, on to an objective, to directly support my line, etc.

The Medusas are obviously there to wreak havoc, no matter what they end up firing at. I'm undecided whether I should use Leman Russ Demolishers in this role instead.

The infantry platoon and PCS are there to provide mutual support to the Medusas. The plan is to advance until the Medusas are in range, then form a gunline. In a pinch, they can provide a meat shield against assaults.

I've only played a few games, and all of those at low point values, so I lack experience of what larger games will look like. Naturally, I won't take it personally if I find out the very concept is flawed, so don't be afraid to rip apart the list. However, there is a certain theme I am trying for: I'm not really into hordes or static gunlines, though I would be perfectly fine with going more mechanized, or more airborne, or more elite.