Okay, so there's a doubles tournament game coming soon, my friend will be using Space Wolves and I shall be using Blood Angel's, now this will be the first time i've ever even looked at the BA codex so excuse me if my list is a bit .. Crappy.

(A player team is two players (or one player with two armies in some cases) each with a 750 point force that combines to form a full 1,500 point army. Use the rules listed below to build your army.
Player Restrictions
•Each Player has 750 points, unused points are lost, they may not be used by the other player.
•Each Player Team has a single Force Organisation Chart to build their army.
•Each Player must take 1 HQ and 1 Troops choice.
•No ‘Unique’ or Special Character models may be taken.
•Each player must take any compulsory choices if their codex has them, if both players have the same codex they need only take the compulsory choices once.
•No Player may take any duplicate non-Troop choices. A Player Team may only duplicate a non-Troop choice by both players taking the same choice. E.g. No Player could take 2 Land Raiders, but a Player Team could take 2 Land Raiders if both Players took one.

Duplication is based on unit type not the codex entry. This means all variant types count as a single type, Baal Predator is a Predator, Venerable Dreadnaught is a Dreadnaught, Land Raider Crusader is a Land Raider, Vendetta and Valkyries are both a Valkyrie, Mawloc, Trygon and Trygon Prime are all Trygons etc.

Units that change slot, or do not take up a slot but count as, due to special rules such as Ork Nobs or Space Marine Bikes, still count as their original choice for duplication, this also applies to any vehicles that maybe taken as dedicated transports.

Vehicle squadrons count as a single choice for duplication purposes.)

All of this above counts as what you can and can't do with your army list, now moving onto my list;

HQ - 110pts

Troops - 235pts
10x Tactical Squad
Melta Gun / Combi-Melta
Dedicated Transport

Troop - 155 pts
5x Tactical Squad
Dedicated Transport
Heavy Flamer

Fast Attack - 60pts
Land Speeder

Elite - 190pts
Furioso Dreadnaught
Heavy Flamer / Twin Blood Talons / Magna-Grapple
Dedicated Transport
Drop Pod